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National Paper Airplane Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

24th May 2019

Here are some Second Edition related events for your weekend.


Marvel at new cards.  A Less Perfect Union releases today!  Stop reading and print out the set.  Don’t stop at one you could stock up to three copies of a card in your deck.  There are also some great articles to read about the cards.


Join in discussions.  As is common with set releases, the forums are hopping with excitement.  Cards of the day are being discussed.  Not Cards of the Day are being discussed.  The virtues of Terra prime are being debated.  Designers are responding to questions.  If you haven’t been there in a minute, there’s a lot to check out.


Enter the Road to Worlds.  Lucas Thompson’s Road to Worlds contest is in its ninth week.  Put in your entry.  Note that you are trying to guess who gains the most ratings points.


Travel.  Auburn, Washington; Mount Prospect, Illinois; Roseville, Minnesota and Acton, Massachusetts are all hosting events this weekend.  If you like the one in Washington, bring a sleeping bag because they have another one the next day.  Also, it is an achievement chase event.


Gander at decks from this past weekend.  In Germany, Tjark Ott played a Deep Space Nine Die Blockade DM which has some strong Secret Identity protection.  Thomas Weidman played Home Away From Home Klingons taking advantage of some newer toys.  Carsten Weller played Bajoran Extended Vacation.  Phillip Scholz played a Cadassian deck with a title I can’t put in this article, but included one personnel who wasn’t of Cardassian affiliation.  How did it go?  Look at his Tournament Report to find out!  Markus Eberlein went with Voyager while Matthias Weller played Cardassians in the Gamma Quadrant Version 3.  Johannes Mette brought the Klingons together with Deep Space Nine in Gut, nicht? Das ist ein Getränk von der Erde. Johannisbeersaft.  There are only two cards that can’t report to Deep Space Nine, but they are worth it.  How did it go?  Find out in the Tournament Report.  Saacha Keifer played For Cardassia!!!, going with one non-Cardassian as well, the same one, actually.


In the Deck Lottery preceding the main event, Markus Eberlein started out with Cards of Future Past combing a few tricks that the Cardassians have.  Benjamin Leibich began with [REDACTED] formerly known as Keep Killing Kira. The Redneck Rodeo Rampage version now known as RRR, a nice tight Terok Nor deck.  Johannes Mette brought a Klingon Paderborn kann an diesem Wochenende aufsteigen. Kult-Fan Jürgen Patzer würde das bestimmt ziemlich freuen.  How did it go?  Find our in his Tournament Report.  Spoier: He won!


Will Raiman brought out the newest headquarters with KCAOK, focusing on the Klingon side of things, and Ben Hosp played Klingon Pursuit.

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