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Wednesday 1E Roundup - 29 MAY 2019

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

29th May 2019

Welcome to the Wednesday 1E Roundup, a weekly column looking back at the past week in the world of First Edition as well as a preview of the week ahead. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich.

The Top Ten

It's time for a new feature in this column! In The Top Ten, I'll occasionally pick a topic, and then give you my personal top ten list for that category. Today, I'm going to give you the Top Ten cards you'll want to look at again once The Cage releases.

Christopher Pike

10) Expose Plot. Though this mission is in the Delta Quadrant, it's potentially filled with bonus points from Assign Mission Specialists. If you were to use the two new ones in The Cage, you'd turn this into at least a 45 point mission.

9) Spot. Everyone's favorite feline will come in very handy against one of the dilemmas in The Cage. Although not if she's alone, so you might want to also bring Livingston, or Porthos, or an Osmotic Eel, or some whales, or a targ or two. Otherwise, you'll need to build a specialized nursery!

8) Emergency Evacuation. There are a number of aggressive battle decks out in the wild today, and if you'd like to have some defense against them, consider Emergency Evacuation. You can seed a copy - it's a hidden agenda, so your opponent won't see it coming; but, post-The Cage, you can get this even more quickly.

7) Ferengi Trading Post. A Ferengi card? Really? You might have the same reaction once The Cage releases. But if you're interested in one of the major themes of the expansion, this might be your choice of facility.

6) Classic Communicator. This skill-sharing equipment is useful as long as you've got two [OS] personnel around to talk to each other. And not only will you find a new personnel that has this as a special download, you'll be able to solve a mission with it.

5) Spaceborne Entity. As has been mentioned more than once, self-controlling dilemmas will be returning en masse with The Cage. There are quite a few fun choices, but my personal favorite is Spaceborne Entity. With decks depending on more and more free reports, this one can disrupt an opponent's life in more than one way.

4) Matriarchal Society. First Edition is one of the few games where gender is a gameplay element, and that trend continues in The Cage. In fact, it's an entire theme within the expansion's final file. Dilemmas like Matriarchal Society might deserve a second (or third) look.

3) The Whale Probe. This dilemma was an inspiration for the self-controlling dilemma mechanic, and is one of a handful to be called out by name in The Cage. This probe will fit nicely into one of the dilemma themes supported by this upcoming expansion.

2) Christopher Pike. Captain Pike, originally played by Jeffrey Hunter in "The Cage" (and recently played by Anson Mount in Star Trek Discovery), looms large in the lore of Star Trek. He's not a fantastic personnel on his own, but will be key to at least one deck type after the release of The Cage.

1) Where No One Has Gone Before. One of the mini themes in The Cage is the famous opening monologue from Star Trek. That means that not only did we add the missing pieces, but we referenced the existing ones as well. That means this Premiere event gets a shout-out and a new lease on life, which will come in handy given the popularity of Cytherians.

The Road to Worlds

Once again, we had a pair of regionals in the United States last weekend. On the West Coast, Ken Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh) emerged on top of a five (5) player field; but detailed information about Ken's deck wasn't available when writing this column.

So this week, we're going to take a look at the six (6) player event in Acton, Massachusetts. Robin Honeycut (robin1234) emerged victorious piloting a deck that might be familiar to readers of this column. Robin played a Vulcan deck originally designed and built by Brian Sykes (Armus) - a deck that won the first Trek Masters Series event of the year. Robin played the deck exactly as Brian built it, but lets get his take on it:

Romulus Regional winner Robin Honeycutt (robin1234)
Deck Title: Bluegill Department of Temporal Incursions
Deck Archetype: Midrange (Opportunistic Solver)
Play Engines: 22nd Century ShiKar, Protect the Timeline, Temporal Benefactor
Draw Engines: Finally Ready to Swim, Temporal Almanac, Vulcan Database, IDIC: Power of the High Command
Bonus Point Mechanics: Assign Mission Specialists
Tournament Reports: Read Robin's report.

Vulcan Database

Robin's Commentary:
Why did you choose the deck that you used? What other decks did you consider using?

I wanted to play 22nd century deck, change it up from my KCA decks that I use.

The last time this deck was played was before the errata to Temporal Benefactor? Did that errata effect how you played the deck?
A little bit, really only cared about getting Disrupted Continuum, and Temporal Almanac draws.

What sorts of decks were you hoping to face while playing your deck? What decks did you hope not to face?
I was ready for almost any deck. I did not want to face a Delta Quadrant decks of any kind; then it would be just a race.

Prior to this tournament, did you have much experience playing this deck (or decks like it)? Did you learn anything new about it when you played it this time?
I’ve played a few 22nd century decks, but I had zero experience playing this deck. I learned a lot playing this deck; it has a lot of moving parts - Captain's Orders, scheme cards, and tons of redundancy for all situations of gameplay in my opinion.

Did you use any situational cards (cards that you wouldn't expect to be useful in every game)? Are there any whose usefulness exceeded your expectations? Were there any that you wouldn't include if you played the deck again?
Quinn saved me vs. Austin Chandler (DarkSabre) from Invasive Beam In, and from Matt Zinno (commdecker) trying to take away my Captain's Log. Thorough Debriefing and You’re Not Ready, slowed everyone. All of these cards exceeded expectations, I would keep every card.

Why did you decide to play Brian's Manassasters 2 deck? Did you consider making any changes?
I printed out Brian’s deck shortly after Masters (Editor: Manassasters 2 in Virginia back in March), I sleeved and shelved it until I felt like playing it. I had 3 deck choices for this tournament and landed on this one to give me the best chance to win. I had no plans of changing anything.

What would you nominate as the MVP card from your deck?
Plenty of cards could be the MVP, but I would say Vulcan Database, because it helped a lot with overcoming dilemmas and solving missions - especially vs Matt in the final round.

Do you have anything else you'd like to say about your deck?
This deck shows how good Brian is at constructing decks period. It was a very rough tournament, and to able to come back and win after a first round mod loss, feels really good.

Tournament Reports

This was an action packed weekend, so let's jump right into it with a look at our two regionals. As mentioned above, Robin Honeycutt (robin1234) piloted Brian Sykes' Vulcan deck to victory over a tough field. Matthew Zinno (commdecker) played a [22] Romulan control deck aptly titled Regional Control, and he's included detail instructions for how to play the deck at home. Event host Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing) played Parabellum, a [TNG] Klingon deck that handed Robin his only loss on the day. In fourth place, Chris O'Connell (Brak) brought a favorite deck, Old Is the New New with Federation, Maquis, and Non-Aligned cards. Rounding out the day were Austin Chandler (DarkSabre) and Chris Morse (Trekker777), but we don't know what they played at press time.

On the opposite coast, Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh) emerged victorious in the five (5) player field playing a deck called OTF - Lean Mean TNG Fed Scientific Diplomacy 4.6.2. I'll be reaching out to Ken, and hopefully we'll have more information about his deck next week. Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot) ended up in 2nd place, also playing Federation, but an unknown flavor. Justin Ford (Resistance-is-futile), Richard DeLashmit (benericardus), and Leianne (LeianneK) rounded out the day, but there are no decklist available. We hope that everyone had fun!

Outside of these regional events, there were five (5) other events across the weekend. The day before his regional, Justin hosted a Voyager warp speed tournament that also saw Ken and Michael go 1st and 2nd as well. Personally, I hope someone played Kazon and had success with them, but we don't have the data to know for sure!

Likewise, Robin Honeycutt hosted and won a quick little tournament where he piloted an intense Romulan deck to victory, reclaiming his custom title belt in the process. Mark Panna (Shambinks), his near constant partner, took 2nd with a Vulcan deck titled Logical Espionage. Tyler Clark played Klingons and completed the trifecta needed for the tournament to take place.

In the frozen north of Minnesota, Justin Kaufman hosted a three-player tournament that saw Jason Tang (Pants o.t. Tal Shiar) play a Cardassian/Dominion deck to victory. Justin brought a Klingon Starfleet Treaty deck and scored 2nd place, and Borg came in 3rd piloted by Robert Petersen (Hobie). If Jason is playing the deck I think he's playing, it's a cool deck and I hope he will link it in the future.

Upcoming Tournaments
Online, The Dojo
Monday, 3 June
OTF Complete Constructed
Upcoming Championships
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Trek Masters Series
Saturday, 8 June
OTF Cube Draft (Limited)
Wien, Austria
Regional Championship
Saturday, 15 June
OTF Complete Constructed
Wien, Austria
Austrian National Championship
Saturday, 16 June
OTF Complete Constructed
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
North American Continental Championship
Saturday, 23 June
OTF Complete Constructed
Manchester, United Kingdom
North American Continental Championship
Saturday, 23 June
OTF Complete Constructed

The coolest looking sealed event of the weekend took place in West Melbourne, Florida, where players played Second Anthology warp speed. Across four rounds, Sean O'Reilly (Jono) went undefeated - hopefully he'll post his deck at some point in the future. Product donor Matthew McClain (Indyguy1183) came in second, while youth superstar Avery Matteson (averybean) claimed 3rd place. Robert McGinty (creon1690) and host Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote) rounded out the day. I wish I could have been there!

Finally, over in the United Kingdom, Paddy Tye (KazonPADD) piloted an Enterprise-E/Cardassian deck to victory over three undefeated rounds. His deck, Bruces Philosophers Song v2, looks like a lot of fun. Alex Dixon (alexd) played an unknown Federation deck to take the runner up spot, while Gary Jackling's Klingons and Tony Thrustle's (NCC-1764) unknown Non-Aligned deck finished out the field.

If you played in any events, scheduled or unscheduled, formal or casual, let us know! We'd love to feature your events in this column! Send me an email or a private message, and I'll be happy to advertise your event or games to the world in a future column. My contact information is at the bottom of every column each week.

Tournament Previews

On the heels of an epic weekend of Trek, we have a quiet one. On Monday, June 3rd, Thomas Kamiura (bosskamiura) will host the monthly tournament in The Dojo. This OTF Complete Constructed event has four (4) pre-registered players, including frequent and powerhouse players Michael Van Breemen and Austin Chandler. We'll keep an eye on this event as it unfolds.

But this quiet weekend is most like the eye of a hurricane, as next weekend will see the next event in the Trek Masters Series. The Cube Draft Trek Master Series event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota only has two players pre-registered at this time, but we know for a fact quite a few local players will be there. And if you're going to have two pre-registered players, the #1 and #11 ranked players in the world - Kevin Jaeger (Hoss-Drone) and Kris Sonsteby (LORE) - are good ones to have. Hyped by format creator Kevin, this unique take on 1E should be a spectacle for all to see and enjoy.

The following weekend, the spectacle continues with the last regional of the season in Austria, followed by the Austrian National Championships the next weekend. Two players - Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB) and Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB) - are signed up for both events. If only we had a transporter and I could easily get to Austria, I'd be there!

And finally, at the end of June, we have the double whammy Continental weekend with both the North American and European Continental Championships taking place on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019. The North American Continental Championships are being held in Atlanta, Georgia and currently show twelve (12) pre-registered players, while the European Continental Championships are in Manchester, United Kingodom and have six (6) players scheduled. Across those two events, there are eight (8) players in the Top 20, which will make for some fierce and amazing competition. We can't wait to see what happens!

Short Takes (In Other News)

  • The public comment period for my appointment to Director of First Edition is ending soon. While I may have been selected to take on this position full time by the Board and its selection committee, I cannot serve in this role without the support of the community. We've opened a thread for you to ask questions, share your feelings, and express concerns about me and the work I've done as Acting Director. I'd be grateful if you'd join the conversation, and spread the word to anyone in your community who wants to participate.

  • Monday, June 3rd is the next date for announcement of bans and errata. Going back to the Decipher era, the stewards of First Edition have used the first Monday of the month as the fixed date to announce changes to the ban list, errata, and rules changes. June 3rd will be the next date for such an announcement, and the odds are good there will be some changes announced then. For some clues about what might be changing, check out the watchlist.

  • Do unstealable missions really make a better game? Forum user Ensign Q asks this question on our Gameplay (1E) forum. The Official Tournament Format (OTF) has long made missions (except for duplicated, 40+ points, and universal) safe from theft, but they ask if this is good for the game. What do you think?

  • What are your Top 5 favorite cards? Forum user Trekcc rules wants to know, and there are already pretty varied answers. What are your favorite cards?

That's all for this week's brief roundup of First Edition news and events. For more news, you can follow The Continuing Committee on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark our front page. News about upcoming First Edition projects can be found in the most recent Project Status Update from March 2019. My next office hours will be on Tuesday, June 4th at 6 PM Pacific. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, or if you have comments about this column's content, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. Until next week, may you expand your power in the universe and live long and prosper.

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