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Global Day of Parents

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

31st May 2019

Join in the forum.  Nathan Miracle has a thread about the virtues of the latest set, A Less Perfect Union.  Talk about your favorite.  Or your least favorite.  There’s also a thread about how Lore and Lethal Wound interact.  Finally, the set update thread has been revised with some recent devleopments.


Enter the tenth week of Road to Worlds.  Lucas Thompson’s Road to Worlds contest is in the tenth week.  Get your entry in for the four events happening this weekend.  Remember you are voting for the biggest ratings gainer.


Travel.  San Diego California; Orlando, Florida; Wien, Austria; West Melbourne, Florida; Freemont, California and Jackson, Michigan are all hosting events this weekend.  Or you could join the Dojo for the month of June.


Look at the decks played last weekend.  Cayenne Geis played a Deep Space Nine Next Generation Combo-st Heap v2, a solver using the tricks of both factions.  Lucas Thompson played Northern Hospitality – Making it Rain Edition with The Next Generation and a deck full of Enterprises.    Amanda Thompson played Bajorans, er Badjorans and Bob Geis played MACOs, er Makeouts, a deck that’s not exclusively tied to that keyword.


Amber Van Breemen played a thick New Dominion Attack of Tirek.  Kenneth Tufts played Triple HQ Relativity v1.3 and Justin Ford played TNG Points and Span 1.0.  Justin Kaufman went with a Khan deck and Jason Tang played Super Barclay commands the Enterprise and our respect 1.3, a deck with four cards removed from the prior version.  Steve Nelson played Bah! Combat is NOT treacherous. Mark II and those two Subspace Rifts helped out.


Brian Leonard brought The Next Generation to I dont know about the intensity or the intelligence, but I sure do like the Integrity! and Al Schaefer played Terok Nor Dilemma Discard Regionals.  Read all about it in their respective tournament reports.  You can also look at the winner’s report from Maggie Geppert.  Amber Van Breemen played Magic Mirror Water a Mirror Starfleet deck with a surprising amount of Future personnel.  Kenneth Tufts played Borrowed HollyGrams.

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