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Rules Update, June 2019

by Jon Carter, Rules Master

3rd June 2019

Happy June! If you're seeing this, this link should now point you to the latest 1E Current Rulings document!

Here's a summary of this month's changes:

Mas'ud: At the beginning of May, the Rules Committee was asked whether the "twice every turn" limit on Ceti Eel applies when Mas'ud downloads the Eel. This question has been asked several times for a number of years, but has never received an official answer.

We have updated the Mas'ud entry with new text: since Mas'ud must generally follow the limitations imposed by Ceti Eel, that includes the "twice every turn" limit.

This impacted the entry for Mas'ud.

Warp Speed format: Format rules are typically printed on their own rules sheet, not included in the Glossary. The Warp Speed format was a partial exception... except that the Warp Speed rules in the Glossary were not even complete or correct. We have now posted the Warp Speed format sheet on the front page (which includes all Warp Speed rules and clarifications), and we have removed or updated any Glossary entries that reference Warp Speed format.

This impacted the entries for 10/20 RuleLansorSubspace Schism, turn, and of course Warp Speed.

Self-controlling destinations: Self-controlling cards always travel to the "far end of spaceline," defined as the far end from the place where the self-controlling card was first encountered. However, the far end of spaceline rule was in an entirely different part of the Glossary from the self-controlling card entry, and wasn't referenced in the Rulebook at all. This has now been fixed, with appropriate cross-references added.

This impacted the entry for self-controlling cards.

Edo Probe: Way back in March 2017, a conflict was discovered between the Glossary and the Dilemma Resolution Guide. The Glossary stated that, after being encountered, Edo Probe is placed on the mission. The DRG stated that Edo Probe is reseeded after being encountered. Furthermore, different playgroups were playing this card differently. At the time, I issued a bluetext temporary ruling siding with the DRG's interpretation, and we worked with the Errata team to "fix" Edo Probe so it reseeded. This has proven to be one of the last Temp Rulings on our books, and one of the most challenging to fix.

Unfortunately, the process did not result in a fix: despite the tremendous and sustained effort of the Errata team, the Rules team found problems with each new proposed wording. Ultimately, the game expects Edo Probe to be treated like other dilemma that have an ongoing effect on the mission attempt: it is to be placed atop missions as a marker, not reseeded. After two years, we decided to thank Errata for its hard work and let them get back to their other pressing business. We have rescinded the Temp Ruling. Edo Probe must be placed on the mission, not reseeded. The DRG is being updated accordingly.

This impacted the temp ruling for Edo Probe.

Tripling: after the updates we made last month regarding modifier order, we realize that this entry is no longer needed. It's deleted.

This impacted the entry for tripling.

Facility: we noticed that this paragraph included some redundant information dating back to the days when Decipher had to explain copies of outposts with errata to players who had outposts without errata. We deleted this information.

This impacted the entry for facility.

As always, if there are things that need addressing, PM me or post in the forums.

The First Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release rules updates on the first Monday of each month, if necessary.

This update takes effect immediately.

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