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Happy Birthday Prince!

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

7th June 2019

Visit the forums.  A lot of the conversation on the forums lately has to deal with Will of the Collective.  Expect this to continue for a few weeks, though bookmarking the main thread is a good idea.  There’s a thread about how the recently released V’Las works with Old Differences.  Spoiler: They don’t!  There’s also a thread about how Agonizing Encounter interacts with Jupiter.


Enter the Road to Worlds contest.  Will of the Collective isn’t Lucas’ only project.  His Road to Worlds Contest is in week 11.  Enter with your pick for the biggest rating gainer.


Travel.  The big action is in Sioux Falls South Dakota for Masters this weekend.  Though you can also go to Denison, Texas or Camberwell, Greater London as well.  If you like it there, stay for the second event.


Both Brian Sykes and The Dojo are hosting online release events for A Less Perfect Union and Brian’s has the added benefit of shiny foils, though participation in both would qualify for any release achievements should they be available.  The Dojo event has started already, but if you are interested, Send a Private Message to Bosskamiura by the end of today, Friday, June 7.


Read about decks from this past weekend.  Martin Drake played an appropriately titled Cardassian Capture Deck while Ted Reebel played Skill’s Multiplier Maquis.  John Kinney and Sean O’Reilly both played The Next Generation with the former called Yesterday and leaning heavily on past personnel with the latter has Trekking To 50 which features a lot of cards over the span of the forty-eight plus sets released this far. Joseph Bazemore brought out the newly released Terra Prime Faction with Some Very Fine People, their official tournament debut.  Rick Kinney kept the recent going with Klingon Alliance Mirror Might.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.


Nerdopolis Prime played a The Original Series Classic King Menu, a deck with a very tight dilemma pile.  Julius Melhardt went with Terra Prime in New Starfleet Dissidents.  Daniel Matteson played The Next Generation in The Hallway taking advantage of the most recently released Vash.  Rick Kinney played A Terrasphere 8 Infestation, a Terok Nor deck hoping for some extra kills with Lethal Wound.   How did it go? Find out in his Tournament Report.  Finally, Sean O’Reilly played the newest faction with Xenophobic Starfleet

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