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Beware of Kaiserfest II

by Julius Melhardt, European OP Coordinator

15th June 2019

Following the success of 2018, the German National Championship for STCCG 1E will again take place just outside Munich this year. From July 5 to 7, join us in Haimhausen for a weekend of Trek, board games, drinks and BBQ at Kaiserfest 2019!

What can I play?

• Friday, 5 July, 8:00pm: 1E warm-up
Exact format up to players’ preference; we could easily turn this into a The Cage release tournament – better bring an extra constructed deck for this one!

• Saturday, 6 July, 11:00am: 1E German Nationals
The main event. Four rounds of OTF constructed for the title.

• Saturday, 6 July, 8:00pm: 2E
If anyone is up for 2E, I can provide some decks for constructed or as a basis for draft. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are at all interested in playing 2E.

• Sunday, 7 July, 11:am: TNG Pre-constructed draft
Similar to last year’s Sunday event, we will use the revised TNG starter decks as our basis, and draft from stacks of cards from Premiere to The Cage. OTF rules are in place, and we will be using house rules to make all personnel and missions Alpha Quadrant, and allow all non-Borg personnel and ships to be compatible and not break the TNG engine.

How can I get there?

• The location can easily be reached by public transport: the nearest short distance service stop Lohhof is about halfway between the central train station (26 minutes) and Munich International Airport (19 minutes). Seehttp://www.mvv-auskunft.de for Munich public transport services. If you need tobe picked up from the train station, please get in touch, transport can be arranged.

• For those travelling by car, make your way onto the A92, take exit 3 and follow the signs to "Inhauser Moos".

Where can I stay?

• Unfortunately, there are no hotels within easy walking distance, but pickup from hotels in nearby Unterschleißheim (e.g., Hotel Alarun, Victor's Residenz-Hotel or Infinity Munich Unterschleißheim) can be arranged. If you choose to stay in downtown Munich, the hotel options are vast. Again, a pickup service from Lohhof train station will be available.

• For those travelling on a budget, there will be some couchesavailable directly at the venue – the first to fall asleep will get the best places, but will miss more of the fun!

• There is space in the garden to pitch your tent. Please get in touch if you plan to do so.

What else is there to know?

• Entry fee: No entry fee for any of the events (but feel free to pitch in for the food and drink).
• Food: Saturday morning: Weißwurstfrühstück. (If that’s not your thing, please get in touch.); Saturday night: BBQ; Pizza or Indian food can be ordered any time.
• Prizes: The main prize will once again be a status-affirming Kaiserfest beer stein. There should also be the TrekCC masters foils for 2019 (provided they arrive in time).
• There is a 10x5m pool to relax between rounds, or to join the pool volleyball fun, so bring a towel and swimming trunks.
• If you want the commemorative Kaiserfest 2019 shirt (see above), please get in touch to give us your size/colour preference.

For any questions, comments, etc. please contact Johannes:
• either via PM to Kaiser here on the message boards
• or by phone (+49-176-83182246)
• or by leaving a comment in the Kaiserfest 2019 thread.

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