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On Second Thought: Top Ten TOS (Part 1)

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

24th June 2019

Every month, I post a blog.  Here are the first paragraphs for June.

Mark of Gideon

On the heels of A Less Perfect Union’s release, our First Edition brethren are enjoying a set of their own; The Cage. Whereas the most recent Second Edition set established a new mechanic for Starfleet, The Cage is the first of three First Edition sets aimed at boosting The Original Series. That series is the focus of this month’s blog.

We’re not going to look at that faction; there’s a spotlight series for that. We’re going to look at cards sourced from that show. So as not to duplicate previously covered material, we won’t look at cards that are affiliated or even have an affiliation or faction icon, in the upper left, at least. We’re also not going to look at cards that were later issued a version sourced from The Original Series through promos, virtual or otherwise. Finally, we’re going to look specifically at cards produced by Decipher.

Let’s take a look at the top ten cards!

Gateway, Historical Research – This has to be at the top of the list. A lot of players will put this in their deck with little intention of solving it at all. It has Accelerated Aging Bait written all over it, but that ability is worth it. A lot of decks rely on getting a specific personnel out early if not the start and this greatly helps reach that ideal.


Is your favorite on my list?  Find otu when you check out the rest in my blog.

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