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World Asteroid Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

28th June 2019

Read.  There are some threads on the forums you may be interested in.  There’s a thread about how the Kla’Diyus interacts with Silent Strike when taken off Engage Cloak.  Do you think Crippling Strike should be put back on the Watchlist?  Let us know.  You can also bask in the glory of the European Continental prizes.


Listen.  I was at the North American Continentals and brought a recorder with me.  I managed to get some interviews with my opponents and made a bit of an oral history.  Download and give it a listen when you have a chance.


Travel.  There’s a tournament this weekend in Mount Prospect, Illinois.  Or you could play from the comfort of your home at the Dojo.


Look at decks.  This weekend had not one but two major events on two continents and a regional on yet another.  Buckle in your seatbelts, folks!


David Camp played Klingon Smugglers for David, one of many Infestation decks played this weekend, this one delving into both Smugglers and past Klingons.  Michael Shea brought out the Alliance with Unleash Hell.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.  I borrowed a Khan 2019 deck, though adding in the two Fitting In didn’t help.  Michael Parrish played a Starfleet Terran Empire New Build.  Nathan Miracle played the Borg Not Strong Enough to Say No.  This draw deck has is pretty classic, but there are some recent cards in there.  Charlie Plaine borrowed a Next Generation Cadet deck called Kris is Very Smart.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.  Mike Gillespie played Kahless & the Band while Matt S. played Cadets at Continentals and Maggie Geppert played Helping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IV.  She also holds the distinction of being the first player to attach her deck to the tournament.  Kris Sonsteby played I Brought the Sword … Nothing More.  Greg Hodgin borrowed a Next Generation Solver 2019 Regionals Deck.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.  Eric Robinett played Brandy Corbett’s Creative Limitation Deck and John Corbett played I'm afraid in order to escape this place, you will need to suffer more. Michael Van Breemen played New Errata, Hopefully Same Result working with the update to The Enemy of My Enemy.  Those hopes almost entirely paid off with a second place finish.


In Day 2, Nic Brautigam stuck with his TNG REGIONAL – 2019.  Jon Carter went all dual Headquarters with Jaeger Bomb 3.19 Now with 98% I dont care about 2e. Just add Durg!  Will Raiman continued with his Tacking Into the Win MkIIa while Lucas Thompson brought Cardassia and Ferenginar together with To the Pain.  John Corbett went with The Next Generation You really do make a terrible human being. And I mean that as a compliment.  Greg Hodgin played a Romulan deck called 2019 Continentals Deck, which, according to his Tournament Report in a direct quote, was ‘a monstrosity of a Romulan deck I've been working on for years with maximum cheesiness.’ 


But that was North America, in Europe, Nicholas Yankovic played Khan 2019, and Stefan Slaby played a Voyager deck called A British Villain.  Rounding out the big events from the weekend was a Slipstream Regional in Cape Town.  Nick Gorven A race of super mutant zombies, a Romulan deck with Assassins.  In South Africa, Fritz Meissner played a Next Generation solver Slipstream Cadesticles for regional.


There was also an outpouring of side events in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Hall of Fame Event featured a quickly modified Klingons of Delta Past by me, Will Raiman’s Assassin Delivery Service Mk III and Mike Gillespie went with Children of the Light of 8472.  Jon Carter’s Empty Threats and John Corbett’s Empty Threats (ATL Edition) both used the newest Headquarters while Michael Shea’s Great Men Are Conquerors 2019 Edition just used Paxton with Terran Empire Starfleet.  Michael Van Breemen played The Original Series with Honorable Pursuit.


The remaining events were all constructed.  Michael Shea went with his Terok Nor roots in Ruthless Efficiency, later bringing out Terra Prime with Xenophobia is a Human Constant.  Charlie Plaine played Old Favorite, New Bajor contrasted with my Cardassian I’ve Seen All the Good People (Traditional).  Robin Honeycutt played a Relativity Workhorse.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.  Michael Shea rounded everything out with Return to KCA.

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