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Worlds 2019 Informations #5 - Financial Stuff

by Julius Melhardt, European OP Coordinator

30th June 2019

This month's Worlds article is just a very short one because I'm not done with the final three articles yet including some advices for sightseeing and restaurants and of course I have to finally reveal teh special card designed for the 1E Biermeister Constructed - so stay tuned in July!

After purchasing and receiving most of our prices I can finally tell you, how much the entry fee for Worlds 2019 (August 8th - 11th) in Vienna, Austria will be:

4 days: EUR 50,-

3 days: EUR 45,-

2 days: EUR 35,-

1 day: EUR 20,-

In addition to that I would like to announce that I will hold an auction for charity organizations. I will auction a signed 1E and a signed 2E card, both signed by actors who aren't with us any more. The complete receipts (if it exceeds a certain level per card) will go to the charity organization. So take some cash with you!!!


UPDATE July 3rd 2019:

After some discussions on- and off-line we are going to change the entry fee policy for Worlds 2019 as followed:

First of all I want to point out, that EUR 50,-- as an entry fee for 4 days of tournaments is absolutely not too much. Vienna DOES NOT have any financial problems. We just calculated our expenses to be covered by an entry fee payed by all attendees.

Nevertheless after gaining knowledge of CC's donation for this year's NACC and some other facts we won't charge the entry fees as listed above. Our expenses would be covered only by donations. We will have a "donation-box" at Worlds, hoping most participants are gonna donate something (as a suggestion you still can use the rates listed above). Maybe some donations will come from the CC as well. The rest will be covered by the local organizers, including OldKor, Josef Lemberger, again, who has already made the Traveller's Pool possible.

I hope this will end the discussions and probably bring us some more attendees...

By the way, I have two hints for you about the signed cards being auctioned: 1E - it taste's green; 2E - Hell's King's Daddy


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