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Tell Us About Yourself

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

3rd July 2019

Market Research

As the Director of First Edition, part of my job is to keep a plan for the future of the game. I have plans that stretch out as far as twenty years in the future, because I fully intend for us to all be gathered around playing this game thinking about how we want to celebrate it's 50th birthday.

But a vital part of any plan is making sure it's current and on a path that all of the volunteers and customers - in this case, the players and fans of 1E - believe in. To help us make sure we're on the right course, we've put together a market research survey. This survey will help us identify trends in our community of players, fans, and collectors, and help us decide how we want to structure or plans for the next half-decade to decade of First Edition.

The survey was designed by Cristoffer Wiker (Smiley), a dedicated 1E volunteer with experience in gathering market data from gamers. It's a short survey, but here's a quick breakdown of how it's structured. The first page is all about demographics, asking information about how you found the survey, how long you've played the game, and your preferred way to interact with First Edition. On questions like when you started playing or your first product, give us your best guess.

The next section will ask you about various ways we might put out expansions - blocks, non-blocks, and more. Those pages will have explanations about each model on the bottom of the page. We'll ask you to indicate which ones mean the most to you, and how you'd rate them in comparison. You'll also have the chance to make your own suggestions if nothing on the list appeals to you. If you indicated that you're a competitive player, we'll have an additional question about how important a format with a smaller card pool is to you.

Finally, you'll be given the chance to share any other thoughts with us. Please consider taking this quick survey, which you can find at the following link:

1E Market Research Survey

Plans of the Tal Shiar

We'll keep the survey open for about six weeks. It will be very helpful if you will help us spread the word, to get this link to as many different players, player groups, and types of community members as possible. We want to hear from everyone, not just the invested players that regularly visit the site. If you can, please share this at your local meetups, tournaments, and more. Please post the link on social media and in any Facebook or Discord groups you might be part of that contain fellow 1E fans.

Our goal is to make the game healthy, thriving, and appealing to as many different players and types of players as possible. Your data will make that so much easier. We'll share the results with you once the survey is closed, along with details about our revised plans. Thank you for taking the time to participate.

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