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Worlds 2019 Informations #6 - What to see and Where to eat

by Julius Melhardt, European OP Coordinator

9th July 2019

Hello, everyone!

As a (hopefully) good host for Vienna's World Championships 2019, I feel obligated to give you some advice regarding sights and restaurants in Vienna.

Now, the sad fact is that as a native Austrian I still have almost no idea which tourist attractions are really worth seeing, I can only point you in the direction of what's best known... In that regard, JAZZLAND is located directly in the center of the city - many popular sights, like der Stephansdom (St. Stephens cathedral, an often depicted landmark with its unfinished second tower) can be reached by walking south, so you could even do some sight seeing while you have to beat the BYE. Most of Vienna's museums are also located around the city center (but on the opposite side). Then, at our closest subway station Schwedenplatz you'll find two subway lines (U1 and U4), and another one within walking distance at Stephansplatz (U3). With these, you can easily reach many other sights, like Schönbrunn (U4 Schönbrunn / Hietzing) with its famous castle and parks, and its world class zoo (a must see in my opinion), the Belvedere (near U1 Hauptbahnhof), the Haus des Meeres (Aqua Terra Zoo, a great aquarium/zoo built into an old air defense bunker, near U3 Neubaugasse), or the Prater (U1 Praterstern, a huge, charming, old fashioned theme park, where you'll find another one of Vienna's most depicted landmarks, das Riesenrad).

That much being said, where your local guys can be of more assistance is the question of where to eat! (Because JAZZLAND is closed for the weekend, we won't have any food to offer there.) Also, Vienna is practically overflowing with restaurants of wildly varying quality and price... So, Stefan Slaby and myself are going to present you a list of recommendations to some of our favorite restaurants. (We won't talk about big franchises like McDonald's or the nearby Hard Rock Café though, seeing as these are almost the same everywhere.)

In most of the frequented areas of Vienna (including Schwedenplatz in front of JAZZLAND) you'll find plenty of street food: there's always a Kebap place or a noodle hut (often both) within eyeshot, you can hardly go wrong with any of these. But for a traditional Viennese experience, you should seek out the occasional Würstelstand for some sausage(s) with bread, and maybe mustard! (Don't expect American-style hotdogs though, most hotdogs in Vienna are Czech-style sausage rolls.) Steve recommends a Käsekrainer.

As a first-time visitor, you'll probably want to try some Austrian food! (Though Steve says Austrian food is mostly underseasoned meat dishes, too many Schnitzel, and too few delicious Knödel...) Our recommendations:

and for some more specialized options:

Italy is a neighbor country, so Vienna has lots of Italian restaurants, many of which are decent, but few stand out. One that does stand out a bit, to us at least:

A few great Greek restaurants have closed in recent years, and Steve is too picky for most of the remaining ones... However:

Vienna has a large turkish population, accordingly you'll find Kebap places everywhere and many bigger Turkish restaurants. One that stands out:

Russian restaurants are hard to find in Vienna, and most are Vodka-based tourist traps. But this one serves excellent food:

Many restaurants serve burgers these days, but (aside from the big fast food chains) few dedicate themselves to American-ish food:

Chinese food is quite common in Vienna. Here's two particularly great choices:

Decent Indian restaurants are few and far between in Vienna. One stands out:

Apologies to anyone who prefers their Japanese a la carte - for us, Japanese food equals all-you-can-eat. These choices are all great, though:

You'll find many Ice Cream sellers & parlors in Vienna, including several good ones within walking distance of JAZZLAND. However, for a uniquely Viennese experience, try:

Finally, to finish a day with Cocktails, we recommend:

Are you hungry yet? Don't forget to contact me about the welcome dinner wednesday night @ the Falkensteiner Stüberl!

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