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2019 Global Chair's Challenge

by Maggie Geppert, Chair and Executive Officer

11th July 2019

As the World Championships in Vienna approach, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing a Global Chair's Challenge to celebrate the pinnacle of the Continuing Committee's championship season. Those of you who are not able to attend Worlds can still qualify to win one of five copies of each of the World Championship promo foils. This year is the Year of the Borg, so I have come up with a Borg-themed challenge for you: Assimilate This! You will receive an entry for the random drawing for doing any of these things:

I am also happy to announce that the Worlds promos for the Year of the Borg are Population 9 Billion – All Borg, Changed History and 100,000 Assimilate.  So, if you can’t make it to Vienna, schedule some tourneys and attach your decks.  I will draw the winners on Monday, September 2nd and announce them on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Population 9 Billion - All BorgChanged History100,000 Assimilate

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