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National Moon Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

19th July 2019

Read.  There are some threads on the forums that may interest you.  Michael Shea has a thread about some events at DragonCon.  Also, there’s a thread on how to introduce the game to a group.  Join in the fun.


Dream. Every month, there’s a thematic contest on the dream card boards.  This month’s is to make a card related to music.


Travel.  Denison, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia are hosting events this weekend.


Look at decks. There were some decks played over the past weekend that might interest you.  Martin Drake played a Terra Prime Deck with a pretty fat draw deck.  How well did it go? Find out in his Tournament Report.    Joseph Bazemore played There’s Convfefe in That Nebula, a five space Voyager deck featuring a nebula.  Sean O’Reilly played an Earth Deep Space Nine deck called Origin of MANY Species going for the achievement of having difference species and Benjamin Sisko, Vastly Outnumbered taking home the prize for being the sole human.  C J Tyler played a New Romulan deck called D is for discard.  Ted Reebel borrowed Helping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IV.  Rick Kinney went with Starfleet Counter Attack pairing Terra Prime with a not insignificant amount of Khan.  Eric Robinett went with Brandy Corbett’s Creative Limitation Deck for the third time this month and it seems to be working pretty well for him.


Meanwhile, Jon Carter went with Humans Only, a Terra Prime deck trying the faction out for the second time, talking the opportunity to combine two decks into one.  How well did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.

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