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National Aunt and Uncle Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

26th July 2019

Read.  There’s a thread on the forums about whether or not Evade Dominion Squadron has a mistake on it.  Please take a look and feel free to weigh in on the issue.


Playtest.  The latest version of Will of the Collective is mostly done.  What we need now is playtesting.  While theory is good, and the best designers do think about all the possible combinations, we need to put Shelley into decks and see how good she is and if a change needs to be made.  You can just print out a black and white copy and give her a test drive.  Lucas has already played a game and done a few test draws on top of that.  He is even willing to put in a few precious treasures from his collection of cool things. 


Travel.  You have one and only once chance to test out your decks before the big events in early August.  All your hopes lie in Denison, Texas.


Of, if you want a quick pickup game, the Dojo will generally have someone willing to play.


Look at decks.  This past weekend, Matthew Zinno played a Ferengi/Non-Aligned deck called The Perfect Krem.  Have you been itching to play thieves?  Look no further than this deck.  All the fun of commodities, smugglers and the like are here with a good combination of older cards with some of the newer tricks in there for good measure as well.


Lucas Thompson played a fairly tightly focused When on Remus deck.  This doesn’t look like the traditional Romulan deck with only four events.  If you haven’t played Remans in a while, this is a great way to get back into the grove.  How well did it work?  Find out in his Tournament Report.


Will Raiman played a Dom/Baj Crippling Strike deck.  With only four Bajoran cards in the deck, they play a role in keeping things at bay.  It’s a bit of a different deck, but worth taking a look at even if Dual headquarters decks aren’t necessarily your thing.


Michael Shea won the day with Return to KCA.  This is a very tight Alliance deck that leans Cardassian.  There are a lot of redundancies in there and no non-aligned to speak of, just Bajorans, Cardssians and Klingons.  This is definitely off the beaten path and breaks newer ground in the faction.

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