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Worlds 2019!

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

9th August 2019

This weekend, all eyes in the community look to Vienna.  If you haven’t already done so, make your pick for the person who will claim (or in one case, retain) the crown for the World Championships.


Do you need a deck?  You can look back at the ones played at GenCon last week, including Steve Nelson’s Bajoran Resistance visiting Qo’noS.  Despite the name, this deck doesn’t have a single Klingon, though there is a hefty bit of strength.  Adding into the titular Bajoran Resistance is a bit of Pah-Wraith fun to play a few tricks.  Charlie Plaine took Kris is Very Smart for another go around.  The Earth Deep Space Nine Cunning deck takes advantage of some key Deep Space Nine iconed personnel and has no interrupts.  Sean O’Reilly’s Baht Qui Challenge used Deep Space Nine Earth along with the Klingons going for a show of strength.  Though there are not a lot of cards we associate with high strength, this deck can hit those notes with surprising regularity.


Also, if you make all the effort (and expense) of traveling to Vienna but don’t want to play in the main event, there are several side events for you to join, including a league game, Deck Lottery, Excelsior, Race to the Alpha Quadrant, No Such Thing as Luck and an Infinite Diversity Draft.


All the action isn’t in Vienna; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a Hall fo Fame event as well as a a constructed event while Mount Prospect, Illinois gets in on the action, too.

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