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The 2019 World Championship Final

by Paddy Tye and Johan Skoglund, Match Commentators

15th August 2019

Lt. Commander Giotto UFP: One Small Step

Hello and welcome to “Day 3” of the 1E World championships, from Jazzland in Vienna. Day 2 saw the top 8 players whittled down to just these two contenders. Due to the late hour, the final was pushed to Sunday morning.

The spaceline setup is a standard 12 Alpha Quadrant missions, with one shared mission – Access Archives. Peter is using 6 planets though – he will need to reach 140 points to get the Full Win. Peter’s missions include Research Devastating Attack (Earth), Control Plague (Qu’Vat), and Observe Ritual (Vulcan) with corresponding 22nd Century Time Locations for each – and has seeded UFP: One Small Step to move around the spaceline using these locations as a jumping off point. Peter also has Jonathan Archer (Cold Front) as his Temporal Benefactor, and mission specialists of Danica Erickson and Sargent Mayweather. Johannes has seeded Investigate Quarantine (Talos IV), Review Mining Operation (Janus VI) and Evade Borg Vessel (a change versus his Day 1 deck, no doubt to fend off the attacking Kazon fleet from his initial pairing with Meinhard S. Rohr) – this is also where Johannes seeds his Starbase 247. He also uses Preserver Obelisk and grabs Vanderberg, Lt. Commander Giotto and a Classic Communicator.

Risk Is Our Business The Genesis Device

One other noticeable feature is the towering 110 card deck Peter is using. We can expect some of Peter’s famous “Interrupt Molestation” strategies in this matchup!

The game starts with some initial reporting of ships and personnel. Peter is using Temporal Shifting and Temporal Almanac to draw cards. We skip ahead to turn 3 when the action starts…

Turn 3 for Johannes. He starts reporting more personnel – he’s using Crew Reassignment to report Mirror Quadrant personnel directly to his ships. He attempts Evade Borg Vessel, and uses that attempt to trigger a download of Where No One Has Gone Before using Risk Is Our Business. Gets past the first dilemma then hits Cytherians, but as he’s one mission from the short end he uses the new shortcut to go round the end of the spaceline and back to score 15 points. Then he re-attempts with another ship and hits his own self-seeded Cytherians – another trip to the far end of the spaceline and make that 30 points! First mission solved by Johannes!

Turn 3 for Peter, now trailing by 1 mission and 55 points. It’s time for Peter to venture out and make his own attempt – he jumps to Augment Research Facility and relocates to Control Plague to attempt. All mis-seeds! Peter’s 6 planet strategy has earned him a free mission and (more importantly) he’s also earned The Genesis Device!

Turn 4, and Johannes needs a planet mission to secure a victory and attempts Investigate Quarantine (Talos IV). Denevan Neural Parasites devastate half his away team, and then hits Quantum Leap. Pike gets relocated by Peter and the attempt ends due to a lack of Archaeology.

Misinterpreted History Barclay Transporter Phobia

Turn 4 for Peter and he has a hand full of interrupts – in need of personnel he uses Masaka Transformations to get 14 new cards into hand! He takes the Genesis Device to Observe Ritual (Vulcan) and begins an attempt there. He hits Misinterpreted History, Phlox dies and Peter’s attempt fails. If only he had a fan club president hidden in those personnel…

Turn 5 and it’s back to Talos IV. Johannes attempts to beam down four personnel, but they are all hit by Barclay Transporter Phobia!

Turn 5 for Peter and he manipulates his away team by boosting Slar’s CUNNING so it changes the choice of personnel offered to Johannes, and this time gets through Misinterpreted History. Then he hits God… and he passes with exactly two people with 8 INTEGRITY! However he doesn’t have a Vulcan to solve the mission… however, he has now found that fan club president just a little too late to have been useful! Mission is cleared though.

Turn 6 for Johannes. James Tiberius Kirk has arrived with some Archaeology, but still can’t help. Both previous Classic Communicator downloads were hit by Disruptor Overload, and Johannes doesn’t have a third copy in the deck! Further efforts to beam down are similarly blocked, as before.

Turn 6 for Peter and Commander T’Pol has arrived from the Mirror Quadrant to help him solve. He’s on 115 points from 2 planets now. 8 minutes left on the clock…

Turn 7 for Johannes. He’s on 78 points after 1 mission following multiple Cytherians, a File Mission Report and Process Ore: Mining. More Archaeology arrive in the forms of Lt Palamas and Vina (special skill). More attempts to beam down on Talos IV. Peter has 3 copies of Barclay Transporter Phobia left with which to take out one of those Archaeologists from an away team of 8 personnel… Peter lands a hit and Johannes can’t get passed Quantum Leap to solve! With 2 minutes left, no chance of another turn and already behind on points, Johannes offers his hand to Peter and Peter gets the modified win.

Congratulations to Double World Champion Peter Ludwig!

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