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National Roller Coaster Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

16th August 2019

Introduce yourself.  We’ve got a couple new players introducing themselves on the forums.  Feel free to stop by, give a welcome and impart some of your vast knowledge of the game onto them.


Read.  With Worlds just ending, there’s a thread nominally about Tugat, but has opened up to Cardasssian tricks.  There’s also a thread about Romulan interference.  You might also be interested in adding to the list of Peak 2E Moments.  There are also a thread about Destroy Transwarp Hub’s alternate requirements and its status as a fifty point mission.


Travel.  Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia and Philadelphia Pennsylvania are all hosting events this weekend. 


Look at decks.  Alexander Schmitz played a Persistent Borg (HOF) deck, which is an accurate description.    There’s a lot of what you would expect with the description, though those seventeen persistent dilemmas are augmented by an Isabella.


This past weekend has a lot of events with Worlds and the decks are all amazing.  Unfortunately time does prevent me form linking each deck to this update, but I will link to the individual tournament result pages.  


Looking at the Worlds side events, there was a Best of Both Worlds event where Jon Carter played the Relativity Workhorse while Ben Hosp played the Terra Prime Len’s Proud Boys and Stefan Slaby played a Two Will Fight Voyager deck.  Johannes Klarhauser played the Cardassian Rating Pinata and Michael Van Breemen won the day with his Borg More Dissidents.


In the draft, and bear in mind that this is far, far from the complete card pool, Benjamin Liebich played Borg with a Voyager driven Borg Worlds 2019 ID Draft while Amber Van Breemen had a more Borg filled but similarly named Borg – Worlds 2019 ID Draft.  Maggie Geppert also went with the Borg in Worlds 2019 IDIC Draft and you can find out how it went with her tournament report.  Johannes Mette has his ID Draft deck posted.


For the Hall of Fame event, Maggie Geppert played Terra Prime Human Nationalists and Johannes Mette played a Klingon Deep Space Nine HoF: Gut, nicht? Das ist ein Getränk von der Erde. Johannisbeersaft. - wc1.  Benjamin Liebich played Treachery Klingons with Johann Nepomuk HOFzinser Special.


In the Biermiester, Johannes Mette placed a modified version of his Hall of Fame deck with Gut, nicht? Das ist ein Getränk von der Erde. Johannisbeersaft. - wc1and Ben Hosp played Klingon Pursuit.  Maggie Geppert played Treacherous Bajorans Collaborate with Zefram Cochrane to Shoot You in the Face and Kenneth Tufts won with Tripple HQ Relativity V1.3.


After sleeping off said event, there was a League event with single elimination where Benjamin Liebich played a Bajoran Almost only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades and Johannes Mette played a New Dominion Deck 303423002887590223.


You’ve seen most of the posted decks from the Deck Lottery event, but you haven’ seen Jeronimo Mitaroff-Szécsényi’s Klingon Cardassian Alliance Alternatives to Death.  You’ve also seen (or will see) the decks from the No Such Thing as Luck event except for Benjamin Liebich’s New Dominion It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. The Constructed Race to the Alpha Quadrant featured Alexey Korolev’s The Next Generation The Inner Light 2019 deck, Johannes Mette’s Klingon The Next Generation BioDiploUnfug and Amber VanBreemen’s Relativity can be fast.


Looking at both days of the main event, Amber Van breemen played Voyager Player Toast, Markus Eberlein played New Dominion Another Triumph For The Seedless Watermelon and Benjamin Liebich played  And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities derive v3.5  Stefan Manz played Bio TNG meets Vienna, Sebastian Kirstein played Romulan DAS Powershift played Deep Space Nine with 2E Worlds Vienna.  Maggie Geppert, Jon Carter and Greg Dillon made the Torunament report club (Greg made it twice) with Helping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IV, Jaeger Bomb 3.19 Now with 98% I dont care about 2e. Just add Durg! and 2E Worlds Day 1 (and 2E Worlds Day 2) respectively.  Ben Hosp played KCa for Worlds, Jeronimo Mitaroff-Szecsenyi had Relativity with Zieh in die Zukunft (both days) and Ncholas Yankovec played Borg Worlds 2019.   Tjark Ott went Romulan with Einfache Leute while Stefan Slaby played Romulan Knowledge Shift 2019 and Benjamin Liebich went with Klingon And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities derive v3.5.  Ftefan Manz brought Bio Tng Day 2 vienna and Justin Ford had New Dominion with 2E Worlds Finals – Vienna and Nicholas Yankovec brought Khan with The British deck designed to crash out of Worlds - a BREXIT if you will.

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