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Cheap Flights Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

23rd August 2019

Read.  There’s a discussion on the forums about Chula dilemma piles.  Is one-fifth too concentrated?  How about a dilemma pile that’s entirely Chula?  Do you like to put three copies of The Game on a mission?  These questions (and more!) are being discussed.  There is also a thread about a big event in Texas mid-October.  You’ll also find a thread about the timing of Provoke Interstellar Incident.  And what would you say to mixing in some Federation with your Terra Prime?


Welcome.  cherrylandcafe introduces himself on the boards in the Provoke interstellar Incident thread.  Drop by and send him your regards.


Travel. Birmingham, Alabama is hosting an event this weekend.  The weather is lovely this time of year.  And if you go to DragonCon, there are three events for you to partake in.


Look at decks.  Last weekend, Michael Shea played his Return to KCA deck for the second time.  Nathan Miracle won the day with his Relativity deck called I Stole this Deck from MVB, a deck that’s been making its rounds as of late.  Feel free to give it a spin and compare/contrast.


All seven players in Oralndo, Florida posted their decks!  Martin Drake played a TNG Days of Futures Past deck featuring a Chula Dilemma pile and going for the Chair’s Challenge.  How did it go?  Check out his Tournament Report!  Sean O’Reilly took another run with the Baht Qul Challenge, a Klingon/Earthspacenine deck.  Ted Reebel also went with a deck familiar to him with Relativity (updated) 1.5.  Joseph Bazemore tried the Chair’s Challenge with a big spender Why Don't You Go Back And Help Fix the Totally Assimilated and Borg-Infested Quadrant From Which You Came.  John Kinney played Maquis with a deck amusingly titled I Want to Hold Your Hand, and it looks like this deck is ready to accomplish that goal.  Rick Kinney had a Terok Nor deck called A strong infestation, though only fifteen of the forty dilemmas are Infestation.  How well did that particular ratio go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.  Eric Robinett won the day and three tickets to the Chair’s Challenge raffle with his Borg Assimilate That! deck.

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