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Space Coast Masters Update #2: Prize Support

by Daniel Matteson, Director of Communications

8th September 2019

Hi everyone! Space Coast Masters is fast approaching, just over two months away on November 8-10th in West Melbourne, Florida. I hope you're considering making the trip, and I'm looking forward to hosting another weekend of great Star Trek CCG events.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the prize support being planned for these events, just in case it provides any extra incentive for you to travel. Anyone who has attended any events I've directed or co-directed, from local gatherings all the way to the World Championship finals, knows that I try to supply plenty of prize support to all my guests. That begins, of course, with massive collections of Decipher foils, Continuing Committee virtual promos, and CC buttons that I've gathered over eight years as a tournament director. This will be no different for Space Coast Masters, and all players will receive plenty of prizes for all events they play in, including any side events.

Since this is a Trek Masters, I'll also have the Masters prize kit available, which means that the winners of all three Masters events - First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles - will receive a 2019 Trek Masters playmat. Also I'll have the Masters participation foils, so up to eight participating players will receive a copy of each game's respective Masters promo card - Queen's Borg Cube for First and Second Edition!

I have just a few Star Trek themed prizes as well, such as Star Trek comic books and Star Trek games (such as Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx). Some of these may make nice top prizes for side events or Tribbles.

Since I want to support my local game store (always a good decision), I'll also have gift certificates good for merchandise from the venue, Get Your Fun On. The total amount will be determined by number of players and how much I can pull together, but it'll probably be around $100 total.

And now for the biggest, or at least, the coolest prize, in my opinion. I wanted to do something special considering the month of Space Coast Masters also happens to be the month of the 25th anniversary of the Star Trek CCG itself. To that end, I've got some special prizes lined up for both First Edition and Second Edition players. I have, available as prize support, one of every single sealed booster pack in both First and Second Edition.

Yep, including that one.

Yes, that one too!

Let's break that down. For First Edition, I have a pack each of the following: Premiere, Alternate Universe, Q-Continuum, First Contact, Deep Space Nine, The Dominion, Blaze of Glory, Rules of Acquisition, The Trouble with Tribbles, Reflections, Mirror Mirror, Voyager, The Borg, Holodeck Adventures, and The Motion Pictures.

For Second Edition, that means the following: Premiere, Energize, Call to Arms, Necessary Evil, Reflections 2.0, Strange New Worlds, To Boldly Go, Captain's Log, These Are the Voyages, In a Mirror Darkly, and What You Leave Behind.

If I find any other sealed product while going through my things, I'll add it to the support. (For example, I have an OTSD box.)

I haven't decided just how to give these away yet - random drawing perhaps? If you have any ideas, I'm listening!

Many of these packs are really becoming rare and getting harder to find all the time! I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and of course, three days of expanding your power in the universe from right here in Florida.


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