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International Literacy Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

6th September 2019

Here are some Second Ediiton related acitivites for this weekend.


Read.  The big news over the weekend was DragonCon.  There’s a huge thread about the event in general, complete with a picture.  There were some rules questions that came up.  One of the questions that didn’t come up was about note taking, which has its own thread. 


Also, there is a thread about the promos, which have received the Card of the Day treatment this week.


Travel.  The Online Masters will start next week.  It’s a chance to participate in a high level event and earn Masters Points without having to travel.  Not just that, but you have time to reflect on your playing between games.


Look at decks.  At a Slipstream event, John Kinney played an Original Series Everybody's Got Somethign to Hide Except Me and my Monkey.  There are cards from all over in this deck for you to use.  Rick Kinney ran a Maquis Slipstream DragonCon 2019.  This is a very trimmed down deck with twenty-two dilemmas and thirty-five cards in the draw deck.  Michael Shea won with a more traditionally sized Terok Nor deck called Dragon Con Slipstream.  Rick Kinney tried Terok Nor at the Hall of Fame event with A strong intfestation - Dragon Con 2019 HOF.  Also note that this deck is more Dominion oriented with a lot f Non-Aligned support.  There is but a single Bajoran and Cardassian card in the deck.  John Kinney played a New Dominion Tell Me Why deck. Michael Shea played an Alliance Dragon Con deck that, like his Terok Nor deck, leaned heavily Cardassian. At the main event, Rick Kinney played a Terra Prime Starfleet Counter Attack DragonCon 2019.    John Kinney played a Borg With a Little Help From My Friends deck.  Will Raimen mixed Ferengi, Deep Space Nine and Dominion in Stupid 3HQ Dabo Shenanigans Mk II.  Though mainly Ferengi, there are some neat tricks you can do with this deck taking advantage of all three headquarters despite no personnel that can report to one of them.  Eric Robinett took on the Chairman’s Challenge with a Borg themed Assimilate That!, a deck that’s served him well.  It was Michael Shea won with an Alliance Dragon Con Standard Constructed deck.  Like his Terok Nor deck, this one focused on the Cardassians.


Outside of major con news, Amber Van Breemen played What the Ferenginar is Going on in Ponyville?  This nice fat deck had a lot of Persistence going on.  Michael Van Breemen won the day with Alternate  Earth – Another Version, an Earth Deep Space Nine deck.  This high point deck had enough Genetically Enhanced personnel to make Moment of Triumph be viable.  It’s not just for Khan decks anymore! 

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