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Errata of the Fall

by Matthew Zinno, Errata Team Leader

9th September 2019

The Errata Team has been hard at work again, reforming cards which are in need of tweaking. 

One of the Errata Team's newest mandates has been to reduce the power of [22] decks, which had been dominating events.  Domination is not always enough to bring on errata, but in this case it was judged that various [22] mechanics were simply above the power curve. 

Today's changes, effective immediately, concern two of these cards.  IDIC: Power of the High Command receives its second round of errata, bringing it back from the ban list where it went this past June.  Part of its design was to allow a Vulcan player to quickly build up his military; but what was implemented proved to do that too well.  A download into play of a ship and matching commander is beyond the scope of what is available to other affiliations, who typically need to get one of those in play in order to download the other.  That download is now still available, but both cards will go to hand and need to be played separately, similar to cards like We Are Back.  In addition, that rapid Vulcan fleet was given great access to Make It So, and this vastly sped up both the decks which focused on mission solving (unstop to re-attempt, to bust through dilemma combos) and, more frequently, battle (unstop to re-attack, destroying an opposing ship already weakened by the first battle's Tactics).  The Make It So text has now been removed from IDIC: Power of the High Command.  Vulcans can still use that card, as can all affiliations, but it will discard after use.

Another complaint we've heard about [22] dominance was the ease with which Vulcan and Romulan tools could be combined via Treaty: Romulan/Vulcan.  The Vulcan military I mentioned above would be strengthened further with Romulan Drones (which are easy to access, and were super-strong in battle due to Holographic Camouflage before its ban).  The breadth of personnel it added to the Vulcan card pool also garnered complaints of being unthematic.  The card has now been made more similar to other era-specific treaties, like Treaty: Starfleet/Klingon.  It only applies to [22] Romulans, not those from other eras, and it doesn't seed.  If you want it reliably at the beginning of the game, that will now require the investment of an additional seed slot (for Open Diplomatic Relations). 


And that's just what we're ready with this month.  More errata are in the works, for [22] cards as well as others.  And if you want us to get through cards sooner (or, perhaps, more to your liking) -- please sign up to be a Playtester!

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