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International Dot Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

13th September 2019

Read.  There are several forum posts you might be interested in.  One looks at the how exactly Lore’s prevention works.  When can and can’t he be selected are covered.  Lore also appears in a thread about costs and card interactions, but for entirely different reasons.  This time, what happens to your counters if you play him with Disadvantage into Advantage but the play gets prevented.  There’s also a thread about what happens to cards on Decay events.  Spoiler: unless otherwise specified, they go into your discard pile. Finally, you can read about how Friction interacts with other cards.


Moving on to more specific threads, there is one for personnel who are Just That Awesome.  Feel free to join in with your favorites as well.  Meanwhile, one player is putting us all on notice about how much he wants a promo.


Travel.  There are tournaments in West Melbourne, Florida and Acton, Massachusetts this weekend.

Dream.  Each month, Pazuzu creates a dream card contest based on a theme.  This month’s theme is Jean-Luc Picard.  Note that you must vote for a prior entry for yours to be counted this month.

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