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The Coming Sacrifice

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition and Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador

20th September 2019

Sacrifice of Angels, the forty-ninth Second Edition set releases Friday, October 4, 2019. This set heavily features battle enhancement, both in terms of battling itself and also in the vast rewards you can reap from it, along with some cards from the idea file brought to fruition. Spoilers start today, but first, let’s meet your design team.

John “Killer B” Corbett and Michael “The Prefect” Shea started out and Ben “bhosp” Hosp joined during development. These three thoroughly looked at battle and worked tirelessly to get these cards out. We want to especially thank Ben Hosp for coming into the set fairly late, but hitting the ground running. The three of these designers together have created some great cards.

Fight this World

Battle mechanics have been in the game since the very start. Classics like A Chance for Glory and Just like Old Times came out in the very first set and they continued and expanded as affiliations were brought into the game and beyond. But no set has ever focused on it. That changes with Sacrifice of Angels. There are cards that make battle easier and cards that reward you for battling. A lot of ground had been laid in terms of rewards from killing someone to drawing cards, but the designers did a great job of expanding what a good battle could get you.

Take a look at Locutus, Implaccable Scourge

This version of Locutus leads the Borg into battle to assimilate the Federation. True to one of the themes of this set, he is optimized for battle as he gives you a discount on your first Maneuver event played each turn. Those copies of Borg Cutting Beam that you've been wanting to put in your deck suddenly look a lot more attractive! In combination with Locutus' Borg Cube, the Borg player using this copy of Locutus can very quickly amass an impressive array of battle tactics. This Locutus also gets a boost in Cunning while you have a Maneuver event in play, reflecting the knowledge and experience the Borg have stolen from Jean-Luc Picard. At a relatively low cost, this personnel also gives the non-Dissident playing Borg player access to Law, Leadership, Officer, and Treachery - all rare skills for the Borg to come by. Maybe those copies of Render Assistance are about to get a lot more popular? And, there are more cards yet to come that make initiating battle far from a sure win.

The Big Idea

The other big theme in this set is based around the Idea File. On the designers forum on the boards, there is a thread called the Designers Whiteboard. At any time, a designer can put an idea on that board and see what happens to it. It could go into a set, it could languish there in perpetuity or anything in between. Thankfully, the designers of Sacrifice of Angels have scoured this thread and developed them to the cards you’ll see in the final set.

Now, let's take a look at Royale Casino: Craps...

This is a dilemma that induces players to hold on to those extra copies of those high-cunning personnel just in case their opponents try to play a cheap wall. Just as chance favors the prepared warrior in battle, this card rewards risk if it's player calculates an opponent's chances of having just such a personnel in hand. But, for those of you wary of facing a new wall dilemma, don't worry too much as there are plenty of good options that may already be in your decks at your disposal to defeat this dilemma, if you play your cards right. And, who isn't ecxited about the possibility of earning 10 points from an opponnt's Assess Contamination or James T. Kirk, Original Thinker?

Speaking of high-risk, high-reward, how about Omnipotent Armament...

This card rewards successful combat with three overcome dilemmas! But, the risk is high - if the initiating players looses the fight, she looses the game! And, for those of you wondering why an opponent would ever initiate combat they couldn't win, stay tuned for some exciting defensive cards aimed making the outcome a little less certain.

Ever get tired of being slowed down by those copies of Chula: The Game or The Clown: Go Away? Need to get rid of that copy of Self Replicating Roadblock that's shutting down your dilemma pile? Then Change of Venue should excite you...

These are two of the most popular dilemmas in the game and one of the most popular events in the game, and the designers of this set wanted to try to offer players a little more balance to the common strategies that employ them. Now, a player can force her opponent to contend with their own dilemma strategy for a change and see if they've prepared to face the unexpected. Or, counter a counter and revitalize a dilemma pile decimated by the roadblock.

These are just some examples of the kinds of cards that will be released in this 49th set of Star Trek: Second Edition. We hope that these cards help shake up the meta and challenge comfortable players to explore new ideas or prepare for new challenges. And, while we don't expect to turn Star Trek into a battle-centric war game, we hope that this set encourages battle as a more competitive and fun strategy outside the relatively few deck-types that can currently do it well.

Mortal Kombat!

Sacrifice of Angels releases October 4, 2019 and is legal one week later on October 11, 2019. Thanks to the Creative Team for giving stories to these cards, the Rules Team for making sure they worked in the framework of the game, the Proofreading Team for making sure the cards were consistent, the Art Team for finding amazing images to go with the cards, the Writing Team for the articles you’ll see over the next couple weeks and the Programming Team for getting things ready behind the scenes.


Royale Casino: Craps

Omnipotent Armament

Change of Venue

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