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by Daniel Matteson, Director of Communications

27th September 2019



















HAH! So, YOU are the coward! You cannot succeed. You do not deserve the glory of death! Your life... is in my hands!

I am Kavok!

As a Klingon warrior, I can no longer endure this alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. This peace is intolerable. I must return our warrior race to its true nature. I can do that... with your help!







If you agree to help, we will carry out my plan to steal a Federation starship. We will set course to the Klingon homeworld, and there we will die in battle like true warriors, as intergalactic war between the Klingon Empire and the Federation begins by my hand. Yes, I will fight my brothers, for the good of the Empire!



What battles the galaxy will see!

So! Have you the strength, have you the cunning to carry out this assignment? Do you accept the challenge of a Klingon warrior?












Determine Your Destiny

For those of you that don't know who Kavok is or what's going on right now, I'd like to tell you a little bit about that other Decipher game about Star Trek: namely, A Klingon Challenge, the Star Trek: The Next Generation interactive VCR board game released in 1993. This game has the players portraying a skeleton crew aboard an evacuated U.S.S. Enterprise-D as it is hijacked by a Klingon called Captain Kavok, played by the same actor as Chancellor Gowron, Robert O'Reilly. The video that accompanies the game is often hilarious in hindsight and very quotable.

As you may be aware, Kavok has previously appeared on a pair of First Edition cards, in the Blaze of Glory expansion in 1999: his own personnel card, Kavok, as well as the objective Commandeer Ship. He finally made the leap to Tribbles in 2013 with the 10,000 BiJ card. However, until Sacrifice of Angels, Kavok had never appeared on a Second Edition card.

Lucas Thompson offers some insight on how the Second Edition Kavok card came to be created:

"The original version of this card came from Neil [Timmons], MVB [Michael Van Breemen], [Josh] Sheets, and myself playing the VHS game at Neil's place. All our flights were delayed (or cancelled) due to snow after Manassters II, and Neil was kind enough to host us and had the game and a VHS player for the sole purpose of playing this game. After the game, since I knew they were working on a battle set, I suggested we work on a Kavok and submit it to John [Corbett] for consideration. This final version is not that different from what we submitted."


Take the Challenge of the Klingon Sword


So, let's check out Kavok, Challenging Captain for ourselves.

As expected, Kavok has a fairly low Integrity, middle of the road Cunning, and like most Klingon, a high 8 Strength. He has the keyword of Thief, as he is clearly stealing something much larger than a breadbox. His five skills are fairly impressive. Kavok has the Officer (needed to commandeer the Enterprise), Treachery (his battle tactics are without honor), Programming (to lock you out of the computer), Physics (to operate all those stasis fields!), and the surprising Inclusion of Intelligence (because... he knows how the Klingons will react?).

Kavok's special skill is just what you need if battle is in your long-term plans. Though not the honorable method of warfare, why waste energy hunting down your opponent when you can just goad them into coming to you? When you play Kavok, you can discard an interrupt or event card to transport him aboard an opponent's staffed ship, then move that ship to another mission in the same quadrant. Kavok quite literally carries out the plot of the game, stealing your opponent's ship and flying it to your location in order to die in glorious battle!

No battle is full, no victory honorable without the challenge of a worthy adversary. Will you answer the call of Captain Kavok and lead the Klingon Empire to glory?





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