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Sport Purple for Platelets Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

27th September 2019

Here are some Second Edition related events for the weekend.


Read. There are some threads on the forums that might interest you, particularly with spoiler season for an upcoming set coming out.  First and foremost, there is a Designer Q & A thread where you can ask questions of the designers.  On more specific notes, there is a list and discussion about how valuable All Available Personnel is.  Look at the list and weigh in on who gets to really get the most out of this card.  There is also a discussion about the new ship, Kraxon.


All Available PersonnelThere’s also discussion about a way to make interrupts a little more fair in the game.  You’ll also want to check out the possibilities of a card in the style of the Roger Maris baseball card.  Finally, you can look at discussion about a spoiler for the online Masters event.


Travel.  There are tournaments this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia; Jackson, Michigan; Mt. Prospect, Illinois; Moullie Point, Cape Town and Birmingham, Alabama.


Look at decks.  There were a lot of decks played last weekend.  Justin Kaufman played a Fed Paranoia No Humans allowed.  As fits the title of this deck, there are no humans, which isn’t something a lot of Federation decks can say.  Could it be modified so that there is no duplication of species?  Steve Nelson played a deck called Bajoran Resistance visiting Qo’noS focusing on strength with a bit of battle prowess coming for the fun of it.  Jeremy Benedict went with a New Dominion Another Triumph for the Seedless Watermelon.  Kris Sonsteby wont the day with a Klingon I Brought the Sword … Nothing More, which performed better than it did at Nationals. 


John Kinney played a Rule heavy Ferengi deck called Not a Second Time.  Martin Drake brought the smaller ships to Deep Space Nine speed with Shuttle Rides.  Ted Rebeel played Borg More Dissidents while Sean O’Reilly mixed Deep Space Nine with the Dominion to create Consuming Commodities, a deck which qualifies for a few achievements.    Joseph Bazemore played Cardassians with Indefinite Detention Policy going for some capture fun and Rick Kinney played TOS Half-Price Sale with a good mix of virtual TOS personnel.  Eric Robinette won the day with his consistent Borg Assimilate That! deck.


Michael Shea played Teacherous Bajorans with New Bajor hoping to use artifacts to get around dilemmas.  Will Raimen played Stupid 3HQ Dabo Shenanigans MkIII taking out six cards from the previous iteration.  Amber VanBreemen went with a tight New Bajor deck called Yak-Yakistan.

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