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The Angels Bring a Boon

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

4th October 2019

Taking Over the Dilemma Pile

I would like to battle more.  I have attempted to make viable combat and engagement decks on more than one occasion.  However, one of the things that keeps me from playing those decks is the simple fact that when I’m flying over to beat up on my opponent, I’m not moving forward with the core objective of the game – completing missions.  If only there were a way to slow my opponent down a bit more so I can have my cake and eat it too.  Look no further than these new Assault and Maneuver events, Imperial Occupation and Invasion Plans.

Imperial Occupation Invasion Plans


If you win your engagement or combat, you can place these events on the missions at which they occurred and get a discount on either your [S] or [P] dilemmas or your [D] dilemmas, respectively.  Imagine pairing 3X Imperial Occupation with a Conscience of the King dilemma pile.  You can really throw a bunch of dilemmas at your opponent to allow you to complete your battle plans before they can zoom through their missions.

Celebrating Release Day

On behalf of the Continuing Committee, it is my great pleasure to thank the designers of this set, John Corbett (KillerB), Michael Shea (The Prefect) and Ben Hosp (bhosp), for bringing forth fifty-four (54) fantastic battle-themed cards.  I would also like to thank all the members of Playtesting, Rules, Creative, Art, Programming and Proofreading who had a hand in developing this set.  Sacrifice of Angels releases today and will be legal for tournament play on Friday, October 11th.  I cannot wait to see what people come up with for the Texas Invitational Tournament next weekend.

Oh, and one last thing…head over to the Promenade to grab your Release Kit.  Locutus is hot off the presses!

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