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World Teachers Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

5th October 2019

Read.  As is usual with spoilers for an upcoming set being revealed, there are a lot of threads about cards for the set released yesterday, Sacrifice of Angels.  In particular, the power of Life Changing Encounter is a topic for discussion.  There’s also discussion into how Klim Dokachin’s ability could have been even better.  Dark Dissention has sparked its own thread about how much of a drawback it could be.  But the talk isn’t all about new cards.  There’s discussion about how well Lal and Shared Hallucination work.  Spoiler: Very well.  You’ll also find a question about Tolian Soran being allergic to cats.


Beyond individual cards, there are other discussions blossoming that are worth taking a look at.  There’s an introductory thread about dilemma types.  You can also look at some beginner decks.  Finally, Organized Play has a thread requesting comments for how things are going with that department.

Travel.  There’s only one event this weekend, in Linz, Austria.  There is a big event in Denison, Texas the following week, with a dedicated thread.  This will be the first event after Sacrifice of Angels is legal.


Look at decks.  Brian Sykes played a KCA HoF deck this past weekend.  There are a lot of achievements that this deck is eligible for, though it makes great use of the Delta Quadrant missions.  Have we just seen the birth of a new deck type?

Will Raiman played his Handful of Cards Mk3 for the third time.  This Cardassian deck has both Capture and Punishment cards ready to go.  Michael Shea played They Keep Coming, a Borg overrun deck.  This deck doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of verbs though the ones that it does have are staples.


Jon Carter played Plowing Through Your Delta Regions MK III.  This Equinox deck is one he’s played before, but this is his first win with it.  How well did it work?  Find out in his Tournament Report!  Maggie Geppert played Treacherous Bajorans Collaborate with Zefram Cochrane to Shoot You in the Face.    She’s had time to fine tune both the deck and how to play it.  Al Schaefer won with his 2e KCA deck.  This didn’t need any non-aligned human support as he ended up winning the tournament.  Find out more in his Tournament Report

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