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Now Hiring: Second Edition Errata Team Leader

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

8th October 2019

Second Edition is looking to hire an Errata Team Leader.


Josh Sheets has served in this position for years.  He’s done an excellent job issuing erratum and managing his team.  There was a big problem last year with a card and he acted swiftly to contain the situation.  He and his staff worked tirelessly to fix problem situations with cards while maintaining the original intention as much as possible.  I’ll miss working with him in this position, but he is stepping down.


The Errata Team Leader’s main duty is to manage their team in issuing errata.  They will need to respond to players concerns in a timely manner and check the site frequently.  They are also responsible for recruitment of new members and maintaining their team.  General participation in the Second Edition Staff forum is also expected.  An ideal candidate will have a strong familiarity with the cards rules and play environment.  They will also need to spend several hours a week in their position.


If you are interested in applying for the position, please send a PM to Faithful Reader by Friday, October 25.  Candidates should include their name, why they should be Errata Team Leader for Second Edition, their favorite Second Edition Errata and why.  I will contact applicants to set up an interview with the rest of the search committee.

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