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M & M Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

12th October 2019

Here are some Second Edition events you can do this weekend.


Read.  The big news is that Sacrifice of Angels has been tournament legal for twenty-four hours as of this writing. There’s a lot of buzz on the forums in reference to this set.  Code of the Ushaan is a very powerful Ritual that puts a cap on the upper limit of the counters you can spend a turn.  This can be a hard hit to some factions.  Devinoni Ral, Hired Gun has a thread dedicated to an attribute.  There’s a thread about what happens if Omnipotent Armament is up against Guinan’s Rifle.  Spoiler: It’s not an automatic game loss.  There’s also a thread dedicated to Stunning Reversal and how exactly to pull off a battle victory without dedicating a lot of cards to it.  There’s also a comparison between the Maquis Defiant and the Kraxon.


Forum user Danny has some threads dedicated to the Cards of the Day.  As of this writing, three are available.  The Doomsday Machine has an amazing image (probably my favorite of the set, if not in the top 5) the text is great in a battle deck.  Geordi La Forge, Resolute Presence has sprung some spirited discussion about how best to take advantage of the weapons prowess in conjunction with a Next Generation deck.  There’s also some awe around Life-Changing Encounter and how the order can continually be activated even after the initial combat or engagement.  Thanks for bringing them up, Danny.


Not all the discussion is based around Sacrifice of Angels.  The Excelsior and Borderless Promos became a topic of discussion.  Weight of Command getting errata for cosmetic reasons came up as well.  There’s also a thread about the lack of Errata this month.  Hmm, with all this discussion about Errata, there should be a lot of applicants to lead that team!


Travel.  The main event this weekend is in Denison Texas.  You can find more details in this thread, but you will play against everyone else in the event.  Or, you could sign up for an online event and try for those new sexy achievements for the new set.

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