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Now Hiring: European Shipping Coordinator

by Brian S, Director of Operations

11th October 2019

In order to better serve our global members, we're on the hunt for a volunteer willing to take on the responsibilities of European Shipping Coordinator.

The Continuuing Committee's goal is to get a Europe-based distribution center up and running. This should ease international shipping delays and make us more responsive to the needs of our members.

The European Shipping Coordinator will be responsible for shipping maintaining the stock levels in Europe and ensuring that products get shipped in a timely manner.

If you think you'd be a good fit, fill out the application. Or if you know someone who might be, point them in the right direction.

The Continuing Committee is looking for a volunteer to fill the position of European Shipping Coordinator. This will be a newly created position. This person will be responsible for all shipments of product and prize support for the European continent and possibly further afield depending upon shipping logistics. This position reports to the Shipping Manager and Director of Operations.

Some of the responsibilities include:

In addition to the ability to handle the above responsibilities, there is another key requirement for this position:

The ideal candidate will also have past experience with postal shipping. Whether that's professional or through systems like eBay, some familiarity is preferred. The knowledge of how to pack a mailer to ensure its safe and timely delivery is important. The European Shipping Coordinator's primary focus will be shipping product to European players. Until the continent's production capacity has reached demand levels, the European Shipping Coordinator will need to coordinate with the Shipping Manager and Director of Operations on transferring bulk shipments of product to meet that demand. The goal is for the European Shipping Coordinator to essentially become the European warehouse, reducing delays for shipping internationally.

To apply for consideration for this position, please fill out the application which asks for the following information:

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