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Tapatalk Discontinuation

by Brian S, Director of Operations

17th October 2019

Regretably, I must announce that Tapatalk integration has been discontinued for the forum due to security concerns.

For those who don't know what Tapatalk is, it's an app available on various mobile platforms that allows users to login and use multiple forums through an app interface, rather than via browser.

I have used Tapatalk for years, as have many other forum members. It wasn't without its quirks, but it filled a role. Some of you may have noticed Tapatalk stopped working with our forum recently.

About a month ago, as Director of Operations, I started seriously considering our organization's security. The topic was briefly touched on in the September Board Meeting. As with any organization, there is a certain level of expectation from users that we will not needlessly endanger or expose privileged information of our members.

Recent events have caused us to take a closer look at our vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, Tapatalk introduced vulnerabilities to the website. These vulnerabilities can only be addressed by the company that sells Tapatalk. In an abundance of caution, it was decided that Tapatalk integration should be removed from our forums.

Security concerns and technical vulnerabilities will continue to be addressed, but most will go unnoticed by the site's users. This change to Tapatalk is likely to be the most visible for our users.

As a Tapatalk subscriber, I do regret that it has come to this. But in this instance, Programming Team members and the Board of Directors agree that we're better safe than sorry.

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