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Daylight Savings Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

1st November 2019

Here are some Second Edition related activites for this weekend.

Read.  There are some forum threads you might be interested in.  Danny started a thread about Homeward Bound versus Ruling Council.  It includes a very through analysis by Mike Shea that is well worth your time to read.  Fritzinger has a thread about the dilemma cost curve.  Do you pay much attention to the costs of your dilemmas?  If so, how much of a breakdown do you have in your deck?  These questions await you in the thread.


Danny has started several threads based off the Cards of the Day.  They include a good overview of the positives and negatives of each card along with how well they work in a deck.  They are excellent and quick reads.  Take a look at his thoughts as well as others on Full Throttle, Scum and Villainy and Rascals.


Watch.  If looking at cards one at a time isn’t you thing, Naetor published a look at the entire set.  All forty-four cards are covered in two hours.  That works out to about two minutes per card on average.  Less if you increase the rate of speed. 


Travel.  There are tournaments this weekend in Jackson, Michigan; Coquitlam, British Columbia and Fremont, California.  But the big action is the Masters in Koblenz, Germany.


Look at decks.  There are some decks posted from this past weekend you might want to look at. Bob Geis played a Next Generation deck called Recurring Character.  It’s not a bad way to make a deck; Kathy McKracken made a deck in the pillars of Romulan Commanders back in the day.  Looking at the cardlist, most trek fans should recognize all but two of the personnel.  Chris Morse played RRR by Benjamin Liebich.  Hopefully some copies of Dark Dissension made it in there before the tournament.  Lucas Thompson played a Strategic Tug-of-War enhanced Romulan deck called Spooky.  Initially based around Engage Cloak, this deck had some fun tricks to take advantage of an unsuspecting opponent.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report.  But it was Cayenne Geis that won the day with a Deep Space Nine The Next Generation Combo ST heap V-2.  The Deep Space Nine folk get each other out at a discount and the Next Generation people have their tricks, too.


Joseph Bazemore played a New Dominion Endless Wars (Or, A Lot of Sand Over There) adding in some of the new battle cards from Sacrifice of Angels, and it looks like Martin Drake did too with Dominion This is our home.  Ted Reebel played Genetically Engineered TRIH SoA Edition v2.5.03 adding in a couple copies of Change of Venue for this iteration.  Sean O’Reilly went with No Acq Ferengi taking the Feengi with the skill most associated with them.   Rick Kinney played Discard Ashions, a Cardassian deck with some old school battle cards.  Eric Robinett won the day with his Borg Assimilate That!


Justin Kaufman played a New Delta Klingons V2 deck featuring some battle related cards from Sacrifice of Angels.  Robert Peterson took Deep Space Nine out for a spin with Trust in the Prophet v2, with a few modifications to the draw deck adn an entirely new dilemma pile.  Steve Nelson played his Applying the FULL-NELSON 1.3 again.  Kris Sonsteby won the day with the Cardassians reminding us that I Always Have Coffee When I Watch Radar... You Know That!  This is a pretty solid deck with not a lot of verbs in it to clog up getting your personnel out.

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