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Persistent Individuality is Banned in OTF

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

4th November 2019

Effective immediately, the card Persistent Individuality is banned in Official Tournament Format (OTF) events. It is still legal, as per the Organized Play Guide, in all other 1E formats.

The CC has made white bordered preview cards for years, almost always personnel until this dilemma, continuing the fine tradition established by Decipher. Earlier this year, Organized Play changed the policy to allow these cards to be used in tournaments - previously, they were not. However, this card was created prior to the change to allow white bordered preview cards to be tournament legal. It is overly powerful to be that rare. While the preferred change would be to make white bordered cards no longer tournament legal, until that is made official, the card is banned.

Whenever the OP policy is updated, or this card is otherwise released, this ban will be reverted.

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