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Jon Carter to Retire as 1E Rules Master

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

5th November 2019

Jon Carter (pfti) has informed me that he will be retiring as the First Edition Rules master. Though he will be continuing in that role until his replacement is found, he has asked me to begin that process immediately. Jon will have served in this position for longer than any other known individual - seven (7) years according to research done by James Heaney (BCSwowbagger). Jon has overseen rules to a period of great stability for 1E and the rules therein, and we have him to thank for many of the best pieces of the game during his tenure.

Jon will remain involved in the Rules Committee, but is stepping down of his own accord. During a recent one-on-one meeting, he told me that he felt that while he was doing an acceptable job in the role, he wasn't doing it to the standard he felt it should be done. I accepted his resignation with great gratitude and sadness. We all owe Jon many thanks for his hard work and long service.

With that being said, I will be announcing the search for a new rules master very soon. Non-board level positions do not require formal selection committees to fill vacancies, but I will be putting one together to fill this position. I feel it is vital the community of players have a say in whom is handling the Rules of First Edition. For this reason, I am looking for two (2) to four (4) volunteers to serve on this selection committee. In particular, I am looking for people that meet at least one of the following qualifications:

I'm happy to accept anyone that meets any or all of the above qualifications that would like to join the selection committee for the new First Edition Rules Manager. If you're interested, please send me a PM. Once I've put the selection committee together, I will post the roster of the committee, the position application, and search criteria.

In the mean time, please join me in thanking Jon for his historic and incredible run as Rules Master. We're lucky to have had you in this role for a record-setting time, and are fortunate to continue to benefit from your time and experience.

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