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Go to an Art Museum Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

8th November 2019

Administrative note: Next weeks' update will be on Saturday and there will not be one the following week.


Read.  There are some forum posts you might be interested in.  There is a thread about Defend It and Hope.  You'll also find a Fill in the Blank thread for November.  Okcoyote has a thread involving the draft format.  Specifically, he ran through the draft pack creator and posted the results from a pack.  What would you want first?  Let us know in the thread.


Armus is thinking of hosting a Return to Farpoint tournament series.  You play in a tournament with premiere and add a set (or two) each tournament.  You have time to vote as the poll will last through the end of the year, but feel free to chime in.  Also in the category of Armus looking ahead, there is a preview of the Hall of Fame class of 2020.  Two more sets are eligible for nomination.  We’ll get into the process before too long, but what would you like to not be legal in that format?


Travel.  There are tournaments in Auburn, Washington and Marietta, Georgia this weekend.  The big action are at Space Coast Masters in West Melbourne, Florida and Australian Continentals in Burnwood, New South Wales.


Look at decks.  There are some decks played this past weekend you might want to take a look at.  Amber Van Breeman played No Acq Ferengi while Michael Van Breeman went with a Klingon Keep It Sorta Simple.  There are a few tricks from the most recent sets in this deck.


Joshua Sprung played a Deep Space Nine There’s a Hole in the Bucket Maybe.  The non Bajoran and Federation support is minimal in this deck.  With Line of Defense and Power to the Shields in there, this deck is prepared for the battle prowess of the latest set.  Jon Carter played The Shocker.  This Romulan deck used Shock Troops along with a bunch of Remans to great effect.  How did it go?  Find out in his Tournament Report!  Andrew played New Errata, Same Result.1.  The use of the Alliance Galor helps get some cards in the discard pile to be used for later.  It went well enough to win the event, but his Tournament Report is worth the read anyway.


The big action was German Mastrers.  Markus Eberlein played a very thin Cardassia Shooting Range featuring some cards from the latest set.  Johannes Mette brought the Klingons together with Deep Space Nine in Nö-Winn: crappy version, though the use of Qo’NoS is there for two cards though both are well worth it.  Florian Ott played a Klingon Die Bürde des Imperators Masters Koblenz 2019 a nice deck with a few recent additions.  Tjark Ott played a Romulan Einfache Leutedeck.  Although with Charvanek, Donatra and Rekar, they’re not entirely simple.  Marco Puelsch went with a Cardassian Der Herr der Bluthunde Masters Koblenz 2019.  Chula and Ambitious personnel; what’s not to love?

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