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The 2019 Period of Review Needs a Moderator

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

27th November 2019

The Period of Review is the time of the year where all people associated with the Continuing Committee may comment on the running of the organization.  Beginning December 1st, threads will show up in the Period of Review message board asking for feedback in the seven departments of the Continuing Committee –First EditionSecond Edition, Organized Play, Operations, Communication, the CFO and the Executive Officer.  In January, public hearings will be held over YouTube where the members of each of these departments will address the concerns of the public.  This is where we need the help of someone in the general public.

We need a moderator or moderators for these proceedings.  The moderator(s) should not moderate a forum for a department that they volunteer for. Familiarity with all three games is not strictly necessary, but would be a bonus (example: I moderated the First Edition broadcast a few years ago before I really started playing it).  They should have access to video and audio equipment that will allow a high-quality broadcast via YouTube.  They shall curate the questions from the Period of Review threads and manage the broadcasts.

Broadcasts should happen in early to mid-January ahead of the Period of Review vote in February. Anyone interested in being the Period of Review Moderator should PM jadziadax8.

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