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Small Business Saturday

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

29th November 2019

Here are some Second Edition related activities you can partake in this weekend.

Read.  There are a few cards that caused some confusion in the community.  For one, what happens when you discard two cards for Friendly Fire?  Also, what does ‘that ship’ mean on Make a Run for It?  For Quark, Opportunistic Envoy, if you have Tullaberry Wine in your hand but not deck, do you get to play it (Spoiler: no!).  There were also questions about what is considered a Borg Mission.  Speaking of missions, there’s discussion about what happens if both players play the same mission at the start of the game.  Finally, there was some confusion on the wording for a spoiler.  Don’t worry; it’s all right (and needs to be worded that way) but it still is worth checking out.


It wasn’t just confusion that reigned over specific cards.  Shining So Bright became revealed on the site.  This is a Special Promo for occasions both cherry and not so cheery.  Maggie went through a lot of the behind the scenes on the creation of this card and the thread goes into the merits, but I want to especially thank the Creative Team for their work on this card.  They really got the emotions of the scene and took the concept in a great direction.  Art finished the job just as well on their end, too.


Okcoyote started a third thread about draft picks.  He created a pack via the draft pack generator and ask for votes in a poll for what would be the best pick to draft in an event.  It’s too late to vote in the poll for what card you would pick, but you can catch up on the good discussion.


You can wrap up your reading with a thread about battle strategies now that Sacrifice of Angels has been released.  What are your combos?  How powerful are things?  Are they too powerful?  Let the community know!


Travel.  It may be a holiday weekend in the States, but there are tournaments this weekend if you are game.  The heat is figuratively on in Roseville, Minnesota; Wein Austria and Birmingham, Alabama.


Look at decks.  There were several decks played the last couple of weekends for you to look check out.  Will Raiman made a Klingon deck called Alexander the Great.  This deck has some good, staple events for Alexander Rozhenko, K’mtar to fetch, along with some thievery and good old fashioned battle.  Eric Robinette played his Assimialte That! Borg deck.


Will Hoskin played The Shocker ish taking advantage of the Remen Shock Troops alon with enough to qualify for a new achievement!  Daniel Giddings played When in the EU, do as the Europeans do - Damaged Starfleet.  At the core of the deck is Damaged Starfleet, but there are a few newer cards in there to tweak it towards the modern meta, including going from damaged to damaging. 


In a warm up event to Canadian Nationals, Ken Tufts played Trumps Starfleet taking advantage of the newest headquarters.  This deck doesn’t rely as much on non-aligned personnel and makes use of the regions with Shuttlepod Two.  Not to be outdone, Michael Van Breemen played Terosoft Dissident.  Terra Prime nastiness plus Terok Nor dissident fun along with The New Resistance?  Yes, please.   In the main event, Michael Van Breemen played Triple Nox, combining Relativity and Equinox while Amber Van Breemen went with the afore mentioned Terosoft Dissident deck. 


Martin Drake played TOS Deck without Kirk (HOF).  Not only does it omit Kirk, there are only three events and no interrupts!  Joseph Bazemore also went with TOS, but his deck, called High Crimes and Misdemeanors, has but three different TOS personnel.  It is very much a Crime and Thief deck.  John Kinney played a Khan deck with an Infestation pile called Yellow Submarine.  Sean O’Reilly played a TOS deck called An Alternate Past with each affiliated card bearing an Alternate Universe Icon.  Rick Kinney removed one card from a deck to make a TOS Lost in Space HoF deck.


Chris Morse played a nice big Khan Hell deck while Lucas Thompson had fun playing with a Klingon Tug Life deck.  The most recently played event as of this writing was a draft so keep that in mind as you look at Maggie Geppert’s TOS Klingon IDIC Draft for 11/24/19 and Michael Markop’s IDIC Draft 11-24-19.  You can find out more about his deck in his Tournament Report or you can read the one from Corbin Johnson.

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