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December Errata

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

2nd December 2019

The emergency errata to Change of Venue, specifying that it effects opponents dilemmas and events on your missions, is effective immediately.


The event burst onto the scene intended to be defensive against some of your opponent’s events and dilemmas placed on your missions.  There are some counters to events and even fewer to dilemmas, but this was always meant to be another way to deal with those concerns.  A player was able to use this offensively and that brought up a whole scope of nightmare scenarios, up to and including shutting down affiliations from the very start of the game.  Errata issued text to fix this temporarily and now, that is becoming official.


Thanks to the Errata team for issuing the fix, Art for making the fix to the card and Programming for getting it ready for today.  I would also like to thank the entire Second Edition department for helping with this.  It is errata being issued by that department, but there were a lot of dedicated people in and out of that department that contributed to getting this resolved.


Errata is scheduled for the first Monday of every month.


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