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Now Hiring: First Edition Rules Manager

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

3rd December 2019

Arbiter of Succession

We are accepting applications immediately for the position of First Edition Rules Manager. The Rules Manager is a key volunteer position within the Department of First Edition who oversees and manages the staff and work of the Rules Team. The Rules Manager ensures the team is staffed with active and knowledgeable volunteers, manages rules discussions, and sets priorities for the team. Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring rules documents are updated regularly and such updates are announced in a timely manner.

This position reports to the Director of First Edition (currently Charlie Plaine [MidnightLich]) and must regularly work with various design project leads as well as the head of the Errata Team (currently Matthew Zinno [commdecker]). It is expected that candidates can volunteer between five (5) and ten (10) hours per month, with additional time needed when projects are nearing completion.

Candidates for this position must meet the following criteria:

Candidates will benefit from any or all of the following criteria:

The Continuing Committee is dedicated to non-biased recruiting for all volunteers. Interested parties of any kind, from any nation, are invited to apply. To apply, any interested party should visit this link to a Google Form and complete the application. Candidates that we feel meet our criteria will be invited to interview before a final decision is made.

Speaking of making a final decision, if you are not interested in becoming the Rules Manager but would like to have a say in making the decision, you can join our selection committee. We'd like to see a top ranked player and/or a European or Australian player join the panel. If you're interested, please send me a PM.

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