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Weekly 1E Roundup - 4 DECEMBER 2019

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

4th December 2019

Kurn (Life from Lifelessness)

Welcome to the Weekly 1E Roundup, a weekly column looking back at the past week in the world of First Edition as well as a preview of the week ahead. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich.

The Big News

A few weeks ago, we announced that incumbent Rules Manager Jon Carter (pfti) had made the decision to step down. Yesterday, we formally opened the search for his replacement. The ideal candidate will have a sincere love of First Edition and it's quirky, complicated rules. Our goal is to interview qualified applicants as soon as possible, and make a decision early in the new year. You can read more about the position in the article, or on the Volunteer page. There are several other open positions there as well, though none of them are First Edition specific.

This Day in Trek

Today is actor Tony Todd's sixty-fifth (65) birthday. Mr. Todd appeared six (6) times on three (3) different Star Trek series, most frequently as Kurn, the lost brother of Worf. He played Kurn in three episodes of The Next Generation and wrapped up the character's story on Deep Space Nine. His only role that didn't involve significant makeup was as elderly Jake Sisko in "The Visitor," one of this author's most favorite episodes. Happy birthday, Mr. Todd!

Tournament Reports

As I missed last week, we'll start with the tournaments from two weeks ago. There was an impromtu, three-player event hosted by Robin Honeycutt (robin1234) in Eden, New York. This OTF Complete Constructed event saw Robin win the day, using a copy of Michael Van Breemen's (The Ninja Scot) [OS] [Fed] / Infiltrator achievement deck from last month's Space Coast Masters. Robin's hetero-life mate, Mark Panna (Shambinks) took second with a Fed/Vulcan Kolinahr deck, and Raymond Mang continued to learn the game with a [TNG] Klingon deck.

The Regent's Flagship

Two weeks ago saw Canadian Nationals take place, preceded by a Warp Speed Voyager sealed event. Four (4) players took part, and Amber Van Breemen (Marquetry) emerged victorious; she was also kind enough to post and link her decklist. If you aren't familiar, Warp Speed is a quick format where players play smaller decks with simpler rules and easier victory conditions. It's a fun way to play sealed, so check it out next time you pick up some Voyager starters and/or boosters.

Canadian Nationals itself took place the following day, and host Ken Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh) emerged victorious among the five (5) participants. Ken played OTF - Drink, feast, gamble and be youthfull forever 1.9, a Bajoran/Federation deck using several Bajor Region missions and all the available tricks. Ken has played Bajorans quite a bit over the years, and is quite skilled with them. Kudos on your win, Ken. I'll get you some questions for a Road to Worlds 2020 interview soon.

Michael Van Breemen took runner up at Canadian Nationals with a [TNG] [Fed] direct solver he called Pure TNG. Justin Ford (Resistance-is-futile) and Barbara Copp (Sakura) took 3rd and 4th, but neither has posted a decklist so I can't report what they played. Amber, after her win the night before, had a rougher day that I'd imagine she liked, but finished out the day piloting a Kazon deck.

This past weekend, we had just a single event in Roseville, Minnesota - an OTF Complete Constructed event that saw four (4) players brave nasty weather to play. Kris Sonsteby (LORE) played a [KCA] deck using The Regent's Flagship to win the tournament. Jason Tang (Pants o.t. Tal Shiar) piloted an unknown flavor of Federation to 2nd place, while Robert Petersen (Hobie) took Bajorans to third and Joe Kallstrom (Commander Joe) rounded the event out with an [NA] deck.

Outside of official tournaments, SuddenKapala managed to get in a few games and recruit some new players. You can check out images and some details in these forum posts. Kudos to Sudden, Lucky Luuke, ias, and The Apparat Artist for playing, and here's hoping that they keep coming back for me.

As you can see, this column isn't just about official tournaments - we love to cover casual games too! If you'd like to have your 1E get together covered in this column, let me know! You can find my contact information at the bottom of every column, and you're welcome to email me, PM me, or just post on the forums.

Tournament Previews

The only physical tournament scheduled this weekend is an OTF Complete Constructed in Wien, Austria. Part of the Unicomplex 001 League and hosted by Stefan Slaby (Winner of Borg), the event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, December 8th. Aside from host Mr. Slaby, the only other preregistered player at this time is Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB); hopefully, they'll draw at least one more player to sanction the event.

Kicking off on Monday, December 9th will be the December tournament of Thomas Kamiura's (bosskaimura) League of Champions, an OTF Complete Constructed event. Right now, only Niall Matthew (sexecutioner) is preregistered, so if you're looking to sexecute (or be sexecuted), you can sign up for this event.

If you have upcoming events, get togethers, or anything else scheduled that's 1E related, let me know. I'd love to feature you and your friends in this column.

Short Takes (In Other News)

That's all for this week's roundup of First Edition news and events. For more news, you can follow The Continuing Committee on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark our front page. News about upcoming First Edition projects can be found in the most recent Project Status Update from August 2019. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, or if you have comments about this column's content, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. Until next week, may you expand your power in the universe and live long and prosper.

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