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Two heads are better than one. But do you know what's better than two heads?

by Daniel Giddings, Captain's Assistant

25th December 2019

Voyager fans can rejoice that there is a little something in here for you.” Ross Fertel, Introducing Inheritance article.

Well, he wasn’t wrong.

If you’re reading this on the day the article’s published, then it’s Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to you. I hope you enjoy Inheritance’s smallest offering, Naomi Wildman, Obliging Assistant.

Naomi Wildman

At this point I’m going to assume you’ve kept up with the Inheritance reveals and articles, so I won’t bore you with my 1E experience recap or fan boy credentials, nor the premise of Inheritance.

I will, however, bore you with factoids about how Naomi came to be. Let’s open the Designer’s kimono…

Shortlisting Candidates

When we decided that we wanted everyone (i.e. each affiliation) to get a little something, Naomi wasn’t the first card posited for Voyager. Or the second, or even the third. She was the fourth.

The first was actually… U.S.S. Voyager?! This would’ve been an interesting and contentious choice. I won’t say anything more about the specific text (in case a similar incarnation appears in the future), but I will just say that it depicted Voyager pre-abduction by the Caretaker…

The second was Riley Frazier, although she was quickly ruled out because, although she appeared on the show, she didn’t start on or visit the ship, or end up part if its crew. We figured she’d be more Hugh (Dissident NA Borg) than Harry Kim.

I offered Rollins up for a third choice, sporting ‘classic’ Voyager text akin to Tuvok, Marie Kaplan, and the Forceful Captain. One of my teammates vetoed it, citing he “doesn’t feel flashy enough for the project”.

Feeling a little put out, I snarkily retorted “How’s this for flashy?! ;)”, and semi-jokingly dropped Naomi with gameplay similar to what’s shown.

The reply came that Naomi was flashy enough, and tidied up text came along too; she could no longer discard any card (it had to now be a [Voy] card), and she was made a little weaker. I was equally shocked and pleased. We had our Naomi.

Points of Interest

As a 0 cost personnel, she’s an ideal choice for Good Shepherd; not only does this make her a canonical Captain’s Assistant, supporting Janeway, Tom Paris, or Neelix in a Voyager deck, but she can even help out Ransom or Burke aboard the Equinox.

On the face of it, she might seem like a poor man’s Security Drills, but in the Hall of Fame format, where some might think Voyager’s been unfairly hit by the loss of both the Chuckle Brothers, and Security Drills has been retired, she’s a fairly decent substitute. And outside of HoF, she’s not a substitute, but a solid compliment.

Oh, and lastly, she’s both useful tech against Caretaker’s Guest, and an aid to Back to Basics too.

Let us know what you think.

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