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January 2020 Printable Promo Update

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

6th January 2020

The Continuing Committee is proud to create and produce high quality virtual promos and virtual promo foils throughout the year. As part of our policy and our dedication to expanding the game, we make a subset of our older promos printable twice each year, in January and in July. Today brings the first update of the new decade with twenty-eight (28) newly printable cards, as follows:

First Edition
Today's update makes the following First Edition promos printable:

Second Edition

Today's update makes the following Second Edition promos printable:


Today's update makes the following Tribbles promos printable:

All of these promos will be printable through our deck builders within the next few hours, and will also available as PDF downloads from the promo pages. Each of the event and release promos will be available as both 3 UP and 9 UP promos.

Enjoy your new printable promos and the new deck building options they provide!

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