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The 2019 Period of Review Is Happening Now!

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

9th January 2020

The Period of Review is now under way.  You may have already noticed that several threads have been posted to the Period of Review board to solicit questions for TrekCC volunteers.  Please post any questions you have there and try to refrain from debating answers within the threads (yeah, I know; barn doors and horses).  I want to keep them clean so that the Period of Review host can easily assemble questions for the four Hangouts.

The Period of Review broadcasts are starting soon.  Due to the current number of questions in the seven areas of the CC, only Second Edition and the Executive Officer have enough questions to warrant their own broadcast.  The last broadcast will be a call-in show featuring all seven Board members.   The schedule of broadcasts is as follows:

If you want to call in to the omnibus session, please consider that you will need:

The Continuing Committee operates under Version 1.1 of our Bylaws.  According to the Bylaws, after the Period of Review Broadcasts are over, the general membership of the Continuing Committee will be able to vote on whether each member of the Board of Directors will retain their seats.  These positions will be the Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of First Edition, Director of Second Edition, Director of Organized Play, Director of Communications and Director of Operations. Members are defined as anyone with a Premium Membership.  If you volunteer for the Continuing Committee, you will be granted a one-month Premium Membership in thanks for your service.  If you do not currently volunteer, you will need to purchase one (minimum of a one-month membership for $5) that is active at the time of the vote.

We will be using an outside website (OpaVote; yes, I was amused by the name too) to conduct the vote.  This will ensure both that each member gets only one vote and that those votes are confidential.  Due to this use of an outside site, any member wishing to vote will also need to make sure that their email address on file with the Continuing Committee is current.  Each email address will only get one vote, so if multiple members of a household are using the same email address, please change them so that they each have a unique one.  To check on your email address, in the forum please go to User Control Panel ? Profile ? Account Settings.

Voting will take place from February 1st at 12:00 am EST (i.e. server time) to February 8th at 11:59 pm EST.  This will ensure that members have time to view the Period of Review broadcasts before voting begins. Members will be asked if they wish to remove each Board member from their position.  This question may seem odd, but we ask to remove based on the way the Bylaws are written.  You will also be given a dedicated option to abstain from voting on a Board member if you don’t feel you can make an informed vote.

If you have any questions about the Period of Review, please feel free to send me a PM.

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