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The Interaction Block

by Nathan Miracle, Second Edition Lead Designer

31st January 2020

The next set for Second Edition will be the fiftieth set. Here’s a little more information about what you can expect for the fifty-first and beyond.

Starting later this year, Second Edition Design will be releasing three sets around a common theme, interaction. In this case, interaction is defined as anything that affects the opponent and/or influences the opponent's decision-making. While combat and engagements will play a part in interaction, we aren't limiting ourselves to things players typically think of as interaction. For example, TNG has a subtheme of helping everyone with cads allowing you and your opponent to place cards into play for free.

The plan is to have three full expansions, each focusing on certain eras of Trek and how those affiliations interacted with each other (and thus how you can interact with your opponent) during those eras.

Project Bruce leads us off by looking at Original Series, their movies, and Enterprise. TOS and Starfleet will feature as well as Klingons and Romulans from those eras. A time period strife with shooting first and asking questions later is a good way to introduce our thoughts on interaction. That isn’t to say that the set will be battle-intensive. The Klingons use *gasp* economics and the Romulans experiment with ships that can hide in plain sight. Finally, an invading force puts some interesting wrinkles into play and nefarious groups attempt to alter time itself.

Project Clark will focus on the "present" tense of the Trek universe, specifically the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine time-frames. Clark will include content featuring the Bajorans, Cardassians, the Dominion, the Federation, Ferengi, Klingons, and Romulans. Because Clark will be the set widest in scope, it will also be the largest set in the Interaction block. Highlights are expected to include a familiar race struggling to find their place in a desperate regime, an enterprising band of opportunists staking their claim to a valuable prize, and a team of heroes doggedly trying to hold their own against overwhelming odds. Clark will also see a few old favorites from days gone by making their debut in Second Edition, a few familiar friends (and enemies) taking on new identities, and a few new faces making their Trek CC debut.

Project Diana takes us a bit further into the future to the Voyager timeframe, covering the Borg, Maquis and Relativity. While a team has been formed and is working diligently on this set, it's too far out to discuss specific cards for this expansion.

All three teams have been assembled with designers signing on to sets they feel the best working with. They are working in tandem so that they can build off each other’s ideas and we can have larger themes running through all three sets.

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