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The Milestone Tournament Weekend

by nickyank, Almost Milestone Level

29th January 2020

Once in a lifetime comes along a big celebration, if that is the right word. Over half your life is behind you as you approach the fiftieth anniversary of your birth.

Yes, I am now that old. Or will be in April of this year.

How am I going to celebrate? Wine, women, song? No, I’m posting on here, so it’s going to be a Trek tournament. Not just one tournament, and not just Trek either.

Be prepared for the Milestone Tournament weekend, beginning Friday April 17th (my actual birthday) and continuing to Sunday April 19th.

We will be having a 2E Masters! A 2E Regional! A 2E Team Tournament! Tribbles! And Pointless!

So what’s the schedule?

Friday 17th April


We will sort something out for dinner closer to the time.

Saturday 18th April


Sunday 19th April


That’s all well and good, but where is it taking place?

NLY Building Services Limited Offices
Ariana Gardens
Ivy Barns Lane
Essex, CM4 0EW

Ariana Gardens

My office break out space can hold around 16 players comfortably, but if there is more interest, we can hold the tournaments in the wedding venue next door (that will hold around 200...)

(yes, it's a wedding venue, no I'm not getting married, it's where my office is)

It's pretty easy to get to by train from most London airports, Stansted being the easiest. Closest train station is Shenfield, 20 minutes by train from the City of London.

And where can I stay..?

There is a hotel on site, a very nice one. The Best Western Ivy Hill Hotel. I will be sorting out a reduced price for Trek players, as they are my landlord we should get a reasonable rate for rooms.

Ive Hill Hotel

There is a restaurant and bar as well, but I’ll be providing food and soft drinks over the weekend as well.

And why should I attend?

1. Because it’s my birthday
2. The price for the tournaments is FREE, I'll be charging nothing
3. The UKs first Masters
4. Old faces will be in attendance; players confirmed from as far as the US, and more local such as Denmark and Germany
5. We’ll have Brexited by April, so the pound will be worthless and it will be a cheap holiday..?
6. This might be a negative, but James Hoskin will be there! Who remembers him? Who wants to forget him?

I'll be updating/posting more details in the weeks and months to come.

Hope to see you there!

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