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North American Continentals Schedule Update

by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador

4th February 2020

Greetings all. Here is the promised update on our schedule for North American Continentals.

All events listed will be held at our host venue, Dr. No's, unless otherwise indicated. Based on feedback from attendees at last year's Continentals, we've moved to a 4-day schedule. I've worked with the TDs for each event and we've tried to come up with the most accommodating and fairest schedule we could based on expressed interest and past year's attendance.

First Edition:

Thursday, June 18th, Noon - First Edition North American Continentals Day 1, Constructed Complete Official (OTF)

Friday, June 19th, 1:00pm - First Edition Side Event, format TBA

Saturday, June 20th, Noon - First Edition North American Continentals Day 2, Constructed Complete Official (OTF)

Sunday, June 21st, 1:00pm - First Edition Side Event, format TBA

Second Edition:

Thursday, June 18th, 1:00pm - Second Edition Side Event, Constructed Complete Standard

Friday, June 19th, Noon - Second Edition North American Continentals Day 1, Constructed Hall of Fame Standard

Saturday, June 20th, 1:00pm - Second Edition Side Event, Constructed Complete Standard

Sunday, June 21st, Noon - Second Edition North American Continentals Day 2, Constructed Hall of Fame Standard

Sunday, June 21st, 1:00pm - Second Edition Side Event, Constructed Complete Slipstream


Saturday, June 20th, 7:00pm - Tribbles North American Continentals

Details and other Info

Just as a reminder, Dr. No’s is located at 3372 Canton Rd #104, Marietta, GA 30066. It is conveniently located off of I-75 North, about a twenty-minute or so drive north of Atlanta. For those traveling, the Hampton Inn Kennesaw, the Embassy Suites, the Baymont Inn, and the Springhill Suites as well as numerous other hotels and motels are all within a ten-minute drive of the venue and are all very reasonably priced accommodations. If you're planning on flying in to Atlanta, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport - the world's busiest - is an easy and inexpensive travel hub serving a host of regional and national carriers. If you do plan on flying in to see us and you need help making travel arrangements to and from the airport, please let me know.

In addition to the events listed above, I will have board games available for those looking to pass the time after games. Depending on attendance, event duration, and everyone's availability, I'd also like to have a group dinner somewhere one of the above listed nights, so stay tuned for more on that.

Please Pre-Register

Pre-registration is not required for any event, but it is highly encouraged. I use registration numbers to figure out prize support and other logistical considerations. Plus, this year I am planning some special prize support, but I need to order and pay for it ahead of the event, and I want to make sure I have enough for everyone who attends. And, remember, when people look at the schedule and see if they want to go to the expense and trouble of traveling, they're more like to do so if they see strong attendance. So, please register if you think you'll be coming.

Last year our 1E Day 1 had 8 players and our 2E Day 1 had 27 players (the best attendance in six years). Let's see if we can top those numbers this year - I'd especially love to see 1E numbers climb!

In closing, please let me say I hope we get turnout to rival last year's event. We will have great prizes and trophies to give away, as well as the T-shirts that were so well-received last year. All players are welcomed and encouraged to attend! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 


One last thing: I want to extend my sincere thanks to Greg, Rick, Robyn, Ryan, and Will for helping me run events this year!

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