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Matt Zinno to Retire as 1E Errata Master

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

3rd February 2020

Even as we announce new errata today, I have the sad duty to inform you that Matt Zinno (commdecker) will be retiring as the First Edition Errata Manager. Though he will be continuing in that role until his replacement is found, he has asked me to begin that process immediately. Matt has served faithfully and effectively in this role since October 2016, and the game is much better for his efforts.

Matt will strive to remain involved in the Errata Team, but is stepping down of his own accord. During a recent one-on-one meeting, he told me that he felt that he no longer had the time to dedicate to the role as his life grew increasingly busy. Please join me in thanking Matt for his years of service.

Details about how this position will be filled will be forthcoming. In the mean time, Matt and I will be working together to make sure the Errata Team continues its excellent work.

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