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March Errata

by Tjark Ott, Second Edition Errata Team Leader

2nd March 2020

Five cards are receiving errata this month.

First and foremost, The Enemy of my Enemy is being changed to last until the end of the dilemma instead of the mission attempt. This brings it in line with other cards that gain skills during a mission attempt and also curtails a big cog in the Cardassian Interrupt Cheater deck, a deck that’s been running rampant as of late.

The TR-116 is also receiving errata to keep it in line with other similar cards. Usually, Assassins have to be present with their target, but this Equipment allows kills from the same location. It still is a powerful tool in your arsenal, just a little less deadly.

Life Changing Encounter has proven a little too good. Battles always have a cost and while the price in counters usually is enough, in this case, infinite battle or combat in combination with Strategic Tug-of-War is a little too good. As such, the card now requires you to kill one of your non-unique personnel to initiate the battle. Imperial Occupation and Invasion Plans will be be monitored closely for the same reason.

T’Pol, Overbearing Observer has been an issue for some time. Her ability is a good one, but now the card must be under the mission she is at. The ability is still solid for getting dilemmas under missions, but it no longer looks at all your [SF] missions.

Finally, Casualties of the Occupation is being brought more in line with how it was originally intended to be of use. It was always meant to be played with two headquarters missions which wasn’t that much of an issue until the Alliance came out. There was suddenly a proclivity of Bajoran and Cardassian affiliated cards from a single headquarters, something Terok Nor didn’t have in abundance. This card became a little too easy to pull off with just one headquarters mission.

These are all effective immediately. Errata is scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

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