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Two Sides of the Puzzle

by Kaufman, Puzzled

22nd March 2020

Spoiler season has begun for The Neutral Zone and they are coming out at a rip-roaring pace.  Still, no matter how fast they come, they don’t come fast enough.  If only there were a way to get them out quicker.  Here’s an exclusive spoiler, but, as its often the case, you’ll have to work for it.  There’s a puzzle to solve below, but once you do, you’ll have a spoiler at the ready!


In keeping with the dual theme of the set, you’ll find pairs of words below.  The first is the gametext while the second is the lore.  They are in alphabetical order according to the gametext word , but they are all in the same place on the card.  The first word of the gametext is paired with the first word of the lore for example.  When you put them all in the correct order, you’ll have a spoiler.


Of course, the card doesn’t have the same number of words in each section.  The finished phrase you will need is “(plus one if you have no facilities in that region.)  Discard event.


One final note: Once you have the answer, don’t post it in the forum thread without hiding it in some fashion.  We don’t need to make a big Event out of it.


a              and

a              Maquis


Borg,       began

card         from

draw        intense

every       the

for           both

If              the

in             and

in             in

may         draw

mission   activity

missions Union

not          Demilitzrized

on           burgeoning

playing   Zone

Plays      The

region     Federation.

region.    around

that         the

two         Cardassian

you         to


Happy solving!


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