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Daniel Matteson Stepping Down as Director of Communications

by Daniel Matteson, Exiting Director

17th March 2020

Some of you may have already heard this news, but since it hasn't been publicly announced, I thought it would be appropriate to get an article written to make it official.

I am stepping down as Director of Communications. Simply put, the position and the community deserve more than what I am currently able to offer. I am going through some serious life changes presently and over the next few months that have drastically cut my available time as well as focus.

Going forward, I have offered to continue to perform the duties of Writing Team Manager. In fact, I've already got another article in the queue set for tomorrow. However, I plan on drastically scaling back on some of my other roles within the organization. I am not leaving this site or this community. It has always been a priority of mine to contribute to this game and its community in any way I can, to the best of my ability. I am scaling back my role in 2020, but I hope and believe this will be a temporary setback and that I'll be able to increase my contributions in 2021.

Thanks for listening. See you soon, and happy gaming.

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